I came CFS out! For the community


This is my scariest blog. I finally came out of the CFS closet full force. The whole NICE situation is more than I can take at the momment. So I decided I have to act and give Cfs a human face.
I never used my real identity becuase I was afraid if I ever had to look for a new job and only those very close know my situation. I started sharing more and more, but then I realized that I could do
More, so I decided to do some videos to help the new into this mess, to humanize the disease and just bust so many myths about us as a community. I am new at this, and I Hope I do a good job representing Cfs, giving a human face and helping those that first get diagnosed to navigate this disaster.
I Am new at all this and suck probably but enough is enough, those of us w more energy have to educate ( and not wait for government to save us!)
I decided to show myself w all that comes with it, I feel very vulnerable to do this! And even if I suck I will keep on it as I get better. Hopefully I can help a few!!! Scary times!
Any good feed back is welcome I am in YouTube under Missing Seven. Be gentle, I feel naked!!!!
ME/CFS The Energy Envelop
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Brava.. good for you. You speak very well and it’s applaudable to put yourself out there like this. It’s also good to see different ethnicities (and nationalities and genders) as sometimes it seems like white women are the most visible which is not representative of the ME population. If you speak another language, I think it would also be valuable to do videos in that language! Congrats on your coming out. :)
A big congrats to you! I will be looking forward to watching your videos. The more people who are ' out and proud' the greater understanding from the non- cfs population will accept and understand the massive illness we suffer from. No, we are not stressed, no, we are not tired from overworking- we have a serious illness that picks it's s sufferers from every age, nationality and professional. We maybe can't be ' proud' to be so I'll, but we can all be VERY proud of every day we get through.
Thank you so much for the support, I am trying to create awareness but it is hard to be so vulnerable. I don’t know if the normal will see them but I will try to do a friends and family series. To help reach to educate others as much as I can
Hi @Seven. Thank you so much for this video! It is excellent and very clear. Good luck and all the best to you.
@Chelby I want to do so but find it challenging one video a day, I will see how I can do better so I can load in both

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