I broke my wrist

I'm not even sure how I broke this. Woke up Friday with some swelling and pain, but as the day and night went on, it got worse and worse. Drove myself to the ER yesterday morning. The nurse was brainless and said he wasn't ordering an xray cause I didn't fall. But the doc on duty ordered them. And it shows a triquestral break. Feels like I broke the back of the hand, too. So they put this cast thing on me, which really sux. It's the hand I use most. So now it's like doing everything one handed, with the wrong hand.

The odd thing is, the doc said the xray shows a previous fracture to the same bone. All I can think of is, I probably thought it was a sprain, since we're always in so much pain with this disease.


Ai sweetie: spontaneous fractures..might wanna work on rebuilding your bones! Vitamin d3, calcium, vitamin k2.. There is a good and not too expensive supplement by jarrow called bone up.
You may also wanna check your blood level of calcium. Sometimes calcium is leaking from your bones; then your blood level is very high. Vitamin k2 and d3 can then put the calcium back where it belongs: in the bones
I went to an Orthopedic doc yesterday. He showed me the Xray and showed me the bone fragments shattered in my wrist. And that's exactly where the pain is. And I was thinking, Dear God, why is there no imaging test to show where we are in pain all over our bodies that would prove just like this proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a real cause for the pain.

I was taking naproxen for the wrist and it was really helping with all my other pain. But I stopped it again because of the heartburn. And sure enough, all my fibro pain is screaming all over me again. I'm dying. The wrist is getting better, but the rest of me is in screaming pain today.
Carrigon, I hope you are a fast healing person with these sorts of injuries. I believe you make a good point that we who suffer chronic illness, will not get good acute medical treatment by an unbelieveing medical professional. I am grateful that the Dr's. legal fears overrode the nurses dismissal of your reality, no matter how it happened, it is broke. As awkward as it may be with the left hand, if we know anything it's adaptation in times like these! I wish you wellness, tip to toe!
Carrigon, Last Oct. 20,2010 I broke my ankle. Didn't need surgery but after the ankle pain subsided the worst part was using crutches, and walker because my shoulders, hands, opposite hip and probably every other joint and muscle in my body was devastated by FM. I couldn't believe how my body fell apart as the ankle got better! Using the wheelchair and hopping around didn't help much either. The ortho had no clue how this injury affected the rest of my body but I got better and so will you. I found that some of the tricks I learned in dealing with CFS/ME/IO/FM conserving energy helped in dealing with the broken ankle. Best to you.

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