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OK. It's June 2016 and I have a story to tell.

After making the initial postings on this blog I abandoned this site because I couldn't get it to accept my password and was locked out. Now it does and I have no clue about that. In the meantime, I slipped into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when I moved against mercury. I lost effective thyroid function and even though I spent a lot of money on various therapies, I lost adrenal function.

I ended up with a pretty severe case of B12 deficiency, I had my colon removed for over 100 polyps. I was treated for 2 Stealth Infections and was on antibiotics for 8 months. This treatment acerbated SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and Leaky Gut. I ended up with antibodies to milk, garlic and eggs. This is on top of previously known sensitivities to gluten and corn (and others).

I was in some type of Mast Cell Activation Problem and was breaking out in hives every day for months. I get the odd hive now and then now and I will talk more on this later.

In 2011, my wife was helping me to stand some days. I had to rock back-and-forth in chairs like a 90 year old man to get enough momentum to stand on others. I went hand-over-hand on banisters to get up stairs.

Today, There is no sign of Bipolar Disorder. Cycling stopped at the time I started the thyroid supports. More on that later. I am able to be active for 7 hours a day. I get tired but sleep is restorative and I am ready to go by the next day.

So, that is a down and dirty synopsis of my health crash and I will try to capture some of the things that I did to turn all of this around. I am not cured; I am treated. I take a lot of pills and I have my B12 injections.


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