Hypothyroidism changing

Here's a funny one, for me anyhow.
The only med I take is Synthroid at .88 mcg. I don't like the synthetic form but the few types of the natural thyroid are not available here in Canada. (Armor or the other one which I forget).
I've been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism but the symptoms don't exactly fit it. I actually have the symptoms of Hypothalamus dysfunction. A lot of other strange stuff going on in my body. I have Celiac, more like Refractory Celiac. I just about lived in a bubble for a while.

Now, I have been taking .88 mcg of Synthroid for 13 years now. Recently, I've been exhausted, light headed, sleeping a lot and have rubbery legs. Memory has been terrible, and my gut has been running like water.
This new open minded doctor did some blood work. My TSH is 0.06. Here, in Canada the normal range is 0.30 to 4.0 . My Free T4 is 20. The range should be 9 - 23, which is passable.
She will be reducing my Synthroid to .75 mcg for one month to start with.

Now, I'm trying to figure out why the heck this is happening. This might be good news, see what happens.

I've been in a nasty car accident in November. We hit a rock cut head on at about 100 km / hour. I was sleeping in the passenger seat with a reclined seat. Driver had absolutely nothing wrong. I had the typical neck, spine and lower back issues. I still have swollen hands and can't do sudden moves.

I relocated from electric radiators to a new forced air system dwelling. No more carpets, more sunlight, and more fresh air. ( sliding doors). Non smoking building.

I recently purchased a Sauna Ray infrared sauna. Prior to the accident, I was paying to take infrared sauna and felt like a million dollars afterwards and for the next 24 hours. I used to crank up the sauna, now I have a difficult time with the heat. I have stopped saunas for now.

Now, the last one is odd. I started with Neurobiologix transdermal 5-MTHF cream. It's called Neuro-Immune Stabilizer. The company claims that it can assist in the Methylation process. It has B12, B-6, 5-MTHF, P5P and Vitamin D. There are some additives in it I am not too keen on, but I tried it anyhow. I am low in B-12 and cannot go near any B-12 supplements or patches. Tried numerous glutathione precursors and cannot digest them.
Now the cream gets me tired, opposite the clear thinking the company advertises. I had problems sleeping and used the cream to my advantage, I put it on at night and slept like a baby.

Now, two weeks after the cream, my blood tests show that my TSH is at its lowest??
Today is my first day of .75 mcg and just have to wait and see what happens.
Oh, one last thing. I haven't touched the cream in about 1.5 weeks. I only took the cream like, eight times. My logic tells me that there is no way a bit of cream can do this to my thyroid. But, yet, it seems to have all started with the cream. Could be a coincidence, and maybe the accident ratted my brains and did something. Time will only tell.


That stinks that they don't offer armor or Nature Thyroid. I'm on NT. I love Stop The Thyroid Madness. That site and book tells you what optimal ranges are. Not what docs say they are, but what they are. Everyone is different. Synthroid sucks.

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