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Hurt all over! And Tired! - 6 weeks covid

Was six weeks yesterday “celebratibg” covid start

my connective tissues hurting everywhere, started ankles and wrists abd quickly became neck shoukders elbows hips , thighs and of coylyrse knees calves now too

too many possibilities to list. And im too tired to So i guess im tired too

worst at night , also noticible early am, during day muxh better- so far

still amazed im alive. I credit the variant not having affinity for lungs


glad you are still alive!
and dont even think to change status of metabolism to anything else than that...

... or i will come for those chamomille enemas!
Ive gone from bad to worse. Its 4 am. Been awake since 3 am as vertigo and gasping reflux woke me up and left with a head and nose ache. Was feeling realky sick. This is on top of the pains that keptvworsening ladt night.

Oh and i think the post exertion fatigue im getting now is a gift of covid. It is not the isual pem crash. It occurs much sooner and feels different l. Its awful.

@linusbert thank yiu very much. I really appreciate all the support as well as concrete useful suggestions you have given throughout thid covid ordesl.
Sorry things have been so hard for you....the darn COVID, as if we have any capacity to add THAT to this MESS.

I've had zip to offer others, as I am zapped myself and in a super huge crash now.

I can't even imagine the Covid- level awfulness. Six weeks EGAD.

Several people are getting operated upon today, so I guess that something to be happy about: not operated upon, today at least.
@linusbert hey thats cool! what exq tly am i looking at? I like the flowes. Thanks much. Perfect timing on a present and home made o es are the best

thanks @Judee @Rufous McKinney Trying to get a handle on everyyhing. Fatiguing very fast.

I dont think just covid at least not the pains because according to my past notes, ladt time i had a sinus infection it too was followed by widespread tendon and joint pain. At least know i know it wasnt from antibiotic or kim chi neither of which gad this time

Last time those joint and tendon pains lasted for 9 months and were replaced by the sympatgetic a tivation so great labded me in hospital that was the real start if the dysautonomia and had been with me since

IOK I am completely spent again I guess from now on I should just write very short messages. Fatiguing much faster does seem to be a Covid affect but perhaps a battle with any big immune system activation would have done this I don’t know. This is exactly the cascade I was concerned about with both Covid and the vaccine but of course the only people who understand that is you guys

On the issue of smell, It is much much much better cause it went from smelling nothing to smelling all sorts of things. It’s a bit uneven and not as strong as before like somethings still lag behind but of course my nose is stuffed a lot so I won’t fully know until I get rid of that anyway I have to stop typing thanks again to all of you and let me know when I can analyze anything for you
Taken from this site:https://www.asthmaandallergycenter.com/article/beware-ragweed-relatives/

Beware of Ragweed “Relatives”

About 22 million people in the United States who have seasonal allergies are affected by ragweed. This plant produces light, airy pollen that can travel up to 400 miles. The ragweed season in this country is usually from August to November, peaking in mid-September. If you know you are allergic to ragweed, you may have picked up some tips on how to avoid ragweed pollen and how to reduce your symptoms.
Ragweed allergy suffers may also need to stay away from other plants that are closely related to ragweed. In some people, certain things can cross-react with ragweed and either intensify allergy symptoms or cause other discomforts, like tingling of the lips, tongue, and palate and itching and swelling of the mouth and throat.

Chamomile is a common relative of ragweed. Chamomile leaves are often used for tea, and some people use them to soothe nerves or ease an upset stomach. Many people who are allergic to ragweed may find that drinking chamomile tea or applying lotion that contains chamomile might bother their allergies.

Other foods known to cause mouth or throat swelling in people who are allergic to ragweed include melon, zucchini, cucumber, and sunflower seeds. And because daisies, dahlias and chrysanthemums are related to ragweed, you might want to avoid bringing these flowers into the house.

Not everyone who is allergic to ragweed is also sensitive to these other plants and once ragweed season is over, most people will not have much of a problem with these plants.

Just an FYI in case you didn't know.
[I know, I know...it's a running joke (no pun intended) between you two.]


Edit: Plus, I didn't realize that that's why I sometimes react to melon, zucchini, and cucumbers in the summer. Learned something new. :D
Cross reactivity so interesting. And thats a big list. Am sllergic to chamomile but dontmy guess is its the MMA in them. Champmile is a nuturally occurring source of methyl meca rylatrv(MMA) unless i got it wrong snd MMA in camomile refere to something else
Do you really react to zuchini? That would suxk

I like the present. Very pretty

I was recentk looking up cross reactivity to sesame which supposedly i have huge igg reaction to. I wondered if a fluke and nonswnsical But then I was reading my old medical logs and I said that I had to stop eating the sesame crackers because I thought I was reacting to them. I completely forgot that l.

Man i get tired so fast. This sucks.
Ok i should up the vitsmins yku suggested im probably depleted in alot

The pains continue and
Increase your Zinc. If you can get some Cordyceps then it might help, it did me when I got Delta variant. Cordyceps Militaris is the strongest but I would avoid that type because it can cause problems because it is a strong COX-2 inhibitor with similar damaging effects. That is because the Cordycepin levels are very high in Militaris but very low in Sinensis. Cordyceps CS4 should be okay unless your very rich and can afford the type that grows in caterpillars. I wouldn't use that if I could get that free TBH.
Some articles on treating COVID-19 that I used myself. Just make sure that you don't use Militaris which is fairly common. You might need more of the CS4 to get a decent effect. There are articles on treating loss of smell and taste and another on treating Mitochondrial dysfunction. Not that the cause of that is really addressed by that article IMO. ie it doesn't cure it, it just tries to treat it.
Don't they have any antivirals at that place?
Man i get tired so fast. This sucks.
Ok i should up the vitsmins yku suggested im probably depleted in alot
if you can tolerate copper, take copper. its very important for histamin and mast cells. maybe combine with zink. one day copper, one day zink.
and vitamin C...

and of course everything else :D

i have a copper deficiency and i cant get it up, i cannot take any supplements. maybe its even genetics.

i am so tired of this whole deficiency shit and need to supplement shit. I AM TIRED OF THIS SOOO MUCH!! :angry:

i wonder, isnt there some coeruloplasmin which can be supplemented?
My covid started in October last year and my long covid symptoms seem to change all the time.

I've had really bad reflux, being sick sometimes. That has lessened for the time being (I've thought it over and then it comes back).

I've cut down my food intake but trying to keep good nutrition.

The fatigue is really bad and my balance has gone so much worse.

I keep thinking I'm getting back to my normal and then some other symptom floors me for a while.

The actual covid was bad but not seriously bad.
i have a copper deficiency and i cant get it up, i cannot take any supplements. maybe its even genetics.
for 2 weeks i do colloidal copper (and zink). i use like 1-10 drops a day, thats 2,5 - 25 ug of copper. it seams that is ok for now. i dont know if this makes any difference but they claim that the colloidal copper is a magnitude of effect better than regular copper. so maybe it does, we will see in bloodwork in a few month... or should i get complete remission i will tell :)

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