Hurray for Sunshine!

I am finding it difficult to obtain time to write here as I would like. Jeremy's computer broke down about a month ago and while he is without it, I don't really have the same amount of free time to delve into my writing.

We are still on the way to it being fixed - but the motherboard we bought was a DOA and getting the warranty filled on it is taking time. In our slow fashion though we are getting through all the hurdles to finally having it running. Once everything works, we will be turning it on away from camp in a safely covered spot next to the refrigerator and letting it off gas for what will likely be 4-8 weeks before it is ready to come back next the the tent.

Today I decided to do more frequent short updates because the longer or more polished stories I would like to write take far too long in the time I have.

Jeremy started some candida killing medicine a few days ago. He's taking about a 6th of the full dose and will slowly be working his way up as his symptoms from the candida die off abate some. It is rather surprising how much he is reacting to it. I would have thought three months of him without any sugar or fruit would have had more impact on his candida problem just as it has on mine, even with me eating a little fruit the first two months.

My sinus infection still persists though I really am unsure what is going on with it. I had been feeling as though it was improving, then about three days ago I crashed fairly hard with it. Was thinking I would be here writing about how much crashing sucks when next thing I know, today I'm doing the best I have in weeks.

Perhaps it is the weather as today is the first clear blue sky with lots of warmth that I have seen in several weeks. I think Spring might be making a come back after we just had a few weeks of near freezing temperatures, snow, lots of hail storms, and a ton of rain.

I planted the first part of my garden today! Not much, about a 2'x2' area of garlic in which I only turned the soil well before planting. It is a start though and felt rejuvenating to my soul.

It was wonderful with the sun warm on my back, sitting down on this nice rock we actually moved here with us six years ago because it is fairly comfy, and peeling the garlic cloves that had already begun to sprout. There is much of my garden left to be planted and I am curious to see what goes in the ground as much of it depends on how my energy comes or goes.

For now, I shall hold with me the memory of my first truly warm and sunny day this year, being able to shuck the outer two layers of clothing I have worn since last November, and soak up the energy of life around me.


Thank goodness for sunny days, Lisa,
What would we do without them.
You & Jeremy must feel like bears coming out of hibernation.
Hope the weather continues to warm up & restore your camp energy & lift your spirits.
Look forward to more of your writing when you feel better......
Hope the computer is up and running again. I love the sun. Thank God for sun. It's so nice to have a garden. Continue enjoying a garden!
Watch that garlic grow! It's hungry stuff tho' so feed it when you can. Glad you were able to post, albeit briefly. I look forward to being able to sniff the woods again when you have time, inclination and access.

Bless the rock, may it be sun-warmed and stable
So happy for you, Lisa. A new season is so invigorating. Enjoy.
Hello! :D

Thank you very much for all the amazing comments. I was pretty tuckered out yesterday from the digging, but am doing much better today. A little soreness from disused muscles but am hoping today gets a bit more sunny so I can go back and plant a little more. :D

I really love the encouragement found here. Thank you so much for taking a few moments to write comments!

Big, sun warmed hugs for everyone! Lisa :Retro smile:

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