how to find a chronic fatigue syndrome doctor

Are you looking for a chronic fatigue syndrome doctor? Here are some ways to find one.

Go to Prohealth's community feature.
1. Click the Physicians link to see if that helps.
2. Click the Support Groups link and see if there is one nearby that can recommend docs.
3. Click on the Message Boards link and select the ME/CFS message board. Search the board using the name of your city to find comments about resources in your area.
4. You can also post a question on the Prohealth ME/CFS board asking for a recommendation.

You can use Google to search on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the name of your city. Or use your zip code.

Phoenix Rising
Phoenix rising is in process of creating doctor features. And by the time you read this they might already be in place. So check this out. You can also ask for recommendations in the forum, and search the forum for the name of your city.

CFS Treatment Guides
The CFS Treatment Guide website includes a page for locating doctors and clinics. Another resource can be found as part of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Roadmap


1. Keep in mind that a recommendation does not guarantee a good CFS doctor. Many recommendations are given because a doctor was sympathetic. Also, what works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for another. For example, I know a woman who had 50% improvement with one specialist, but I had no success following his treatment, even after a year. And, a recommendation does not guarantee that you won't have a bad reaction to a treatment. It has happened to me and many others I know.

2. CFS doctors are sincere and want to do their best to help you. But most of the recommended doctors I've seen did not turn out to be experts. Most had very limited knowledge of the available management options. So keep this in mind. Just because you see a recommended CFS doctor, that doesn't mean all bases were covered.

3. If the doctor's office says they don't take insurance, that doesn't mean your insurance won't cover them. It only means they won't deal with your insurance company for you. Find out if they will prepare a super bill for you. This is a bill that lists the charges and insurance codes on it. Then ask your insurance company if they will cover all or part of the costs if you submit a super bill from that doctor. I've seen two doctors this way.

4. I strongly recommend that you view Taking Charge of your Medical Team, by CFS expert Nancy Klimas, M.D. She explains how to develop a productive working relationship with your doctor.

Best of luck with your search. CFS doctors are hard to find. And good ones are even harder to find.


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