How safe is microwave radiation from cell phone towers?

"Nuclear power plants contain radiation inside and are less hazardous than cell phone towers that emit radiation outside. More dangerous than the AIDS virus, Swine flu, the Bird flu and AlQueda combined is microwave technologies. We believe that the world wide increase of cell phone towers and antennas will cause more disease, suffering and death than all wars of history combined. Unless mankind changes course very soon, untold millions of people will perish." Keep Hope Alive, Journal of Immunity, Vol 7 No 4.

The magazine goes on to state the following will occur if changes are not implemented:
1. With half the world using cell phones, insomnia and interrupted sleep
willl grow exponentially, affecting millions of people.
2. Millions will suffer from anxiety, fatigue, depression, high blood
pressure. depressed immunity, and chronic infections that linger.
3. An unprecedented increase in drugs to attempt to relieve symptoms.
4. Many thousands of children, who were heavy users of cell phones for a
decade or longer will develop brain cancer in their twenties. Many will
not live to see their 30th birthday.
5. Millions of couples will be sterilized and unable to have children.
6. Asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and COPD will increase in persons of
all ages as well as sudden death, dementia, strokes, cancer, and
heart attacks.
7. The telecommunications industry will continue to flood the mass media
with billions of advertising dollars to not only promote their products
but to keep the press quiet.


Look up microwave oven radiation sickness and you'll find that the Russians described CFIDS and POTS as being radiation sickness.

As far as the cell phone thing goes, yeah, it does damage, too. I freak out when I see people with the earpiece right on their ear and head. They never think it will cause a tumor or who knows what else.
Yes, I totally agree. Why does our government bury its head in the sand about this. Other nations recognize that this is a problem? Two celebrity deaths could possible have implications to this, Michael Jackson had known sleep problems. He had 1 tower within 5 city blocks, 11 cell phone towers within one mile, 61 tower structurs within a 2 mile radius, within a 4 mile raius, there were 235 tower structures. Brittany Murphy died at 32 of natural causes. There were 95 cell phone towers within 3 miles of her residence. The closest one being .4 of a mile away and another half a mile away. Those 2 towers and 5 more within 1 mile of her home were the most problematic.
There has already been a lawsuit against Bluetooth alleging damage to hearing loss over time. Also, several case reports include a young man who developed brain cancer near where the headset was worn. He died.
According to Keep Hope Alive, a German study found found that only after a 90 second cell phone call, the red blood cells started to clump, which is indictive of damage to these cells, which carry vital oxygen to one's cells and carry carbon dioxide to our lungs for exhaling. Photos of this can be found at
I too often wonder what long-term effect cell phones will have on the young people, who most are seen with the phone almost glued to their ear. I agree too, that above average number of brain tumors will start showing up.
This website offers some unusual health products: I have ordered the diode for my husband's cell phone, as he uses his a lot in business. I have bought a pieced of equipment that is suppose to help with electro magnetic fields in the home, a plug in one for the car, and they do offer a measuring device, so that one can see if there are "hotspots" in the home.
Another wesite that some may find interesting is from New Zealand, Altered States:
Everything is about money. They ignore everything as long as they see big money. They don't consider some deaths or injuries to matter. Just the fact they let aspartame into the food supply, knowing it causes all kinds of horrible things, they just don't care. All my detective work points to my first ingestion of aspartame as having triggered my fibromyalgia in the 80's. I think aspartame caused Michael J Fox to get Parkinson's.

Cell phones do scare me, but now that I had to get rid of my long distance, I have to use one. But I only use it once a month or so. Even so, that scares me.

My wireless keyboard is just as bad. My face gets hot when I'm too close to the keyboard and I suspect it has a bad effect on my thyroid and glands in my throat. I'm usually in bed with the wireless keyboard really close like that. My friend's laptop makes her sick. Every time she uses it, she doesn't feel good. I think all this stuff gives off radiation and they never tell us anything.
Communication takes place in the body by electromagnetic signaling between cells and artificial electro-pollution disrupts this. Some people are more sensitive to these invisible fields. According to this article, sleep interruption and insomnia are the primary complaints affecting over 100 million Americans. Hypertension, heart disease, cancer, fatigue and impaired brain function are widely reported in persons living near phone towers. Check out and plug in your address and see how many towers are in your area.

Aspartame is detrimental to health. Yet the FDA turns a blind eye as usual. There was enough bad info about this product out there to not approve it. But then look at all the hazardous drugs that gets approval. I once read the head of the FDA is always a former CEO from drug companies. If this is so, do you think that maybe there is a conflict of interest here?

This website shows more detailed information, type in nearest city:
I believe it all disrupts our bodies. Just the fact my microwave oven will knock out my net connection from ten feet away. What's it doing to me? Microwaving food is a scary proposition. Research has shown that those who eat microwaved food have a higher incidence of stomach and intestinal cancer. Microwaves generate a chemical, acrylamide, which causes cancer. It also causes mal-functioning within the lymphatic system due to the alterations of the food. Dr. Hans Hertel discovered that those who ate micro-waved food had changes in their blood chemistry to include a decrease in hemoglobin and cholesterol values, a weakened immune system, and an increase in leukocyte levels, which indicates damage to the cells. As with the heating of food, microwaves decrease the nutritive value and the bioavailability of the vitamins and mineral salts. To me, eating microwaved food is a no-no.
And that's the awful thing. When I was about fourteen is when we got our first microwave oven. We didn't know they weren't safe. I don't think I've had my health since I was about almost sixteen. I'm sure microwaving the food did not help me at all. I also always suspected that was how my grandmother got cancer. We pushed the microwaved stuff on her and when she saw us using it and we didn't die from it, she thought it was safe, too. So she started using it. And she went from healthy to dying of stomach and spinal cancer.

What I do notice is when I don't microwave food for awhile, I'm in less pain and start to feel better. But then, I end up doing it again. Aside from h.pylori, I think microwaves might be partly responsible for acid reflux. I think they do horrible internal damage to the digestive system. How we all got conned into believing having something that dangerous cook our food was okay is just amazing.
Yes, we seem to be gullible until we start thinking for ourselves, which God gave us a brain to use in the first place. It amazes me how people will accept what the government has to say, as if it were etched in stone. I want to add an Einstein quote when I can find it - The only thing necessary for the triump of evil is for good men to do nothing!

Want to add, sorry about your grandmother, as I'm sure that you miss her greatly and her influence and love.
Thanks. Alot of her generation got stomach cancer, it just makes you wonder, was it the microwaves?

I no longer trust the government or doctors. Sometimes I think that's part of growing up :)
I counted 2 towers within 1/4 mile, and 1 within a mile of where I lived when I developed AIDS. These towers all had numerous cell phone type devices attached to them. All of this certainly didn't help my immunity or others too.

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