How many hours in 24?

How many hours in 24?
I’m rushing, I m dashing, I wish there were more!
I have work; I have leisure and pleasures galore
So much to squeeze into this life I adore

Birthday celebrations are a family affair
A nightmare to organize; to get everyone there
How many hours in 24?
So little time, so much in store

All of a sudden life grinds to a halt
my whole body damaged by a viral assault
How many hours in 24?
My life has been taken, I’m sick to the core

In my room I’m entombed, the air it hangs stale
Immobile, imprisoned; stuck here in jail
How many hours in 24?
Minutes become hours; it’s not like before

My curtains are closed when I can’t bare the light
Nothing to look at, no view in sight
How many hours in 24?
When your view is the ceiling the walls and the floor

Others are busy with lives of their own
Hour upon hour, I spend all alone
How many hours in 24?
As life carries on but outside my door

Infinite nights, haunted with pain
A daunting reality visits my brain
How many hours in 24?
When you cannot shut out the perpetual snore

Each day is a battle, a fight to stay well,
Not enough soldiers, it’s as scary as hell
How many hours in 24?
I fear times running out and I’m losing the war


Ally, what a poignant poem!!
I can so relate to it.

Take care and be gentle with yourself,
Thank you so much Cath for your kind words,
I have visited you on your travels today and enjoyed your blog.
Kindest regards
@ warriorseekspeace,
Thank you, I just love your username.
One of the many cruel things about becoming so ill is that I cannot be a serious advocate for our cause. People who know me from my previous life know me as a No-Nonsense warrior against injustice..... And there goes the biggest Irony of all....I have found myself swept up into one of the biggest injustice of all times. One in which you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams, unless like us, you are living it.
I say, tongue –in-cheek that I wish I had known about ME/CFS whilst I’d had the energy to make a noise. The awful reality is that I knew pretty much the same as the rest of the masses and public around the globe; we all knew the horror that AIDs wreaked. But I’m ashamed to say I was blissfully ignorant of the ME/CFS travesty, insurmountable suffering and grave reality.
If I could change any of that, even by the most miniscule amount, I’d be happy.
I don’t have a facebook, my daughter does though, so if I were to ask her, what am I asking? Do people put on it their own facebook or a specific site? how does it work? pardon my ignorance.
kindest regards

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