How I can get out of crash (not relapse)

Update: I had the most wonderful day yesterday. I could go out with my family for a walk in the woods (I would lay down every 5 min) So I can definitely do a somewhat normal life if I follow the 5min on 5min off (rest) rule.

My family is adapting better. So it has made the whole difference in my life when we all understand and adapt. When we got to the trail my 5 year old saw a bench and said "mom u can rest here while we go on" so even she is adapting well.

My most powerful tool in my belt is pedialyte with salt. It takes me out of crashes. It doesn't take me out of relapse but when we have those short crashes it works wonderful.

I have a new theory that my brain fog has gotten worse because of the walks. Will test that one next.
Overall I feel progression of disease, but I have gotten better at living with it.


The more I exert, the more brain fog I have. I am glad you are getting out and that your five year old is even helping out!
I take one pedialyte a day (EXPENSIVE), usually I finish it by 2pm, so I take like some pedialyte (8oz or so) then water. I had to stop the salt because it gives me Loose Bowel but I was doing 1/2t.
I read somewhere that if you load till to late (sodium and potassium) you might not sleep as well, that is why I stop about 2 to 3pm.

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