How do we know that everyone doesn't have sibo and leaky gut?

CBS;171480 said:
Regarding SIBO, hydrogen and methane levels are clearly distinguish those with SIBO from those without it.

Without treatment, (using a hydrogen breath test) my hydrogen and methane levels are quite elevated, even before the lactulose is administered, even higher after the lactulose. After 14 days on Xifaxin, my hydrogen and methane levels are zero both before and after lactolose.

I suspect that a lot of CFS patients have SIBO. Here is what Dr. Chia has to say about enteroviruses IBS and SIBO (

The Xifaxan is treating the secondary issue, not the root cause (poor motility) but it is by far the most effective way that I have found to manage this very frustrating and painful symptom.
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