Hormone balancing and Down With Sugar

Wow. So I finally got the DUTCH hormone test back which resulted in

Progesterone increase
Testosterone increase
DHEA increase

And I feel a lot better- more energy, more clarity. All of a sudden I can work longer, more easily-
More easily prepare food-
and I'm even starting a core strength training protocol. (up from Zero Exercise).

I never realized my hormones were so messed up because I didn't have words for it.

In hindsight, I would have said:

-Feel like a marionette but without any strings

-Constantly scrambling

-Unable to sleep more than 2 hours a time at night

-Unable to diligently follow any kind of dietary protocol

- Always feeling pretty desperate

- Compensating with caffeine & sugar to get through my (partial) work days

I wish I had started with this test! I feel like I'll be in a much better position to treat the digestive issues now.

Still have SIBO, leaky gut, and Lyme on the list. Toxic metals there somewhere too.

Meanwhile my Significant Other is crunching his Chocolate Almonds over there across the room... while I am on Day 10 of No Sugar Plan. :aghhh:

The sugar detox hasn't been too harsh because I wasn't eating much to begin with. Besides, ahem, SUMMER FRUIT SEASON. :thumbsup:

I even managed the first Going Out to Eat with Friends since No Sugar yesterday.
Friend 1: Big plate of fried rice & veg
Friend 2: Vietnamese rice noodles with veg and pork
Me: Steamed plain chicken on steamed plain veg- should've asked for a lime at least
(Wishing I had little tubs of coconut oil & aminos in my bag)

But this weekend I am facing the Biggest Challenge of All:

Trip across state to see family.

No stress eating triggers there!

Plan: Taking entire day off work tomorrow to do meal prep for next week, plus this weekend.
Leisurely trip over.

Maybe we'll stay in a hotel. :rofl:

Whole idea of such a stressful and draining trip is way too premature. My body told me by demanding sleep for 2 days.


RE: Hormone increase
Round 1 was physician guesstimate
Then took DUTCH test
And increased as per physician guidance based on results.
Meal prep for the week is a great idea. So do you freeze the meals you prepare? So they are quick to heat up? That's perfect for times you are rushed, so you eat well, and aren't tempted to eat what you shouldn't, because it's easier.

I hope you enjoyed your trip. But I couldn't do a thing like that. It would wipe me! Sleep for 2 days sounds just about right afterwards!
I freeze some things- burger patties, coconut flour muffins, cooked chicken. Not whole meals. That would be nice but too much work. I did NOT manage to go on the trip after all, it was way too much!

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