I don't know why or how but I am feeling a turn for the better. I fell absolutaley Amazing!!! I am not full of energy, that part is still the same, is more like general feeling in the day to day and symptoms.

I felt constantly sick like something was not right and just abosolutaly like garbage, is jsut that we go sick for so long that you forget what it is to feel like human again, and I MEAN HUMAN. This CFS feeling is so undescriptive that only another CFSer would understand what I am trying to say.

I have increased PACE, I am about to believe that is the trick, I stopped excercising, I am not even trying anymore and I gain a lot of terrain back, also Introduced a nap at noon. Also doing extra effort to avoid unecesary activity. At this point in my life, excercise in contraproductive and until more is known I am gonna hold off in that one, with my daily activity I am reaching as much as I can handle right now, as I get better will do small walks but I will wait to be totaly symptom free before increasing to any other activity.

There might be hope after all.


When I got my diagnosis from the Mayo Clinic, I happened to be in recovery mode at the time. Of course, the internist there prescribed graded exercise therapy. I only had so much energy, so eventually, I had to decide to work out or work. It's a no brainer. I think you made the right decision. You will get your exercise in daily living activities. Don't worry about formal exercise so much.

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