Hmm, interesting, Do I want to get that book? Grammar Girl #747. Improv for Writers.

Hey, that sounds useful and interesting.
And a lot like what our 15 minute timed writing exercises at creative writers group meetings are all about.
Do I want to get that book?
But I've already bought 2 books this month out of my 11 dollars a month below the poverty level SSD.
And I kind of already do some of this anyway.
But ...
I could read the book and learn from it,
Then give it to someone, or the local library,
just because.

(also of interest, at least to me, Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogarty, has same rare-ish given name as my sister in law)

Grammar Girl #747. Improv for Writers.
•Dec 9, 2019

" Are you looking for a way to jumpstart your creativity and writing? You may be surprised to find out how much techniques from improv can help! You'll love this interview with Jorjeana Marie, the author of "Improv for Writers.""


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