High IL-8 as a marker for CFS?

I just want a place to summarise people's results on the IL-8 test from Redlabs.

So far 12/12 cases have IL-8 elevated.

If you have any results, please let me know!
Here are the IL-8 results I've seen (Person 1-Person 4 I should keep anonymous):

Person 1
IL-8 2391 (0-15)
IL-8 1156 (0-15)

Person 2
IL-8 30 (0,00 - 70,00)
IL-8 mRNA 151 (0-70)

Person 3
IL-8S 11505 (0,00-15,00 pg/ml)

Person 4
IL-8 7610 ( 0,00 - 15,00 pg/ml)

@Thinktank 's results
IL-8 = 20051 (ref. range 0 to15)

@justy 's results
IL-8 Serum = 2394 reference range 0.00 - 15.00

"My own IL-8 is one of the most consistently elevated markers"

IL-8, which is 727 pg/mL (0 - 15)
and "New inflammatory and Lyme-related results from 2 months ago (after 3 months of treatment":
IL-8 178 (0-15)

Referenced here
IL-8 S 8192 (0-15)

Referenced here
IL-8 100 (presumably 0-15 since it is Redlabs)

@Helen (Referenced in the KDM Patients group on this forum)
IL-8S IL- 8 serum 1317 0,00-15,00 pg/ml

@Vitalic (referenced here)
7353 pg/mL (reference 0-15)

All of them raised. (and all performed I think by RedLabs).

Known causes of raised IL-8 include:

Mold (see eg. this study and this study)
Borrelia (see eg. this study).
Prostatitis / Chronic Pelvic Pain (see this study).

Interesting that I do suffer from Chronic Pelvic Pain.

It's also raised in Fibromyalgia, see eg.:

Obviously it wouldn't be a unique marker for CFS, but I wonder if it could give a clue as to the underlying cause?

I've also found 2 normal readings from labs other than RedLabs:

In Judy Mikovits' book Plague, she says they found that IL-8 was the inflammatory marker that most strongly correlated with XMRV-like retroviruses.


Hi Cigana, its seems to be very difficult to find any reasons why IL8 is so increased and what it means for the patient in terms of symptoms etc. All I understand so far is that it is a chemokine, rather than a cytokine. I guess the thing to do would be for someone to ask KDM what it means. He told me it was an inflammatory marker.
From my limited understanding of what IL-8 does, elevated levels would seem to go along quite well with the chronic infection model of ME/CFS. IL-8 is released by tissue cells, but not so much by leukocytes like lymphocytes, and it is used to attract and direct leukocytes to areas of tissue damage due to injury or infection. It is directly induced by the presence of bacterial LPS as well as viral proteins. Its release is also strongly induced by IL-1 and TNF, both of which are also induced by the presence of infection. So to me it seems like a good fit.
Thanks @halcyon. It might be interesting to know that my IL-1 and TNF are not raised, so perhaps in my particular case IL-8 is being directly induced by a pathogen.
Does anyone know why fibro and cfs are classified together?? my pain is extroadinarily high and keeps me indoors and fagitue comes and goes but really if I were to try to do normal activities I fatigue. how confusing
hi Cigana, my situation is the same - IL 1 and TNF normal range. What bacterial infections have you been diagnosed with? do you have Lyme and co's? I was negative for Lyme but positive for Bartonella and Cpn - but KDM thinks I do have Lyme.
hi @justy , I was positive for bartonella, lyme and rickettsia. Initially I was negative for Lyme, but KDM tested again after I'd been on abx for the others, and I was positive. I had about 9months of abx to no effect.
Hey Cigana, that's a good idea. Did you only do oral abx for that time? did you have any improvements? I think Bart can be a hard one to treat and causes a lot of herxing issues - apparently it is harder to treat than Lyme. Have you read any of the stuff by Horowitz - ive been delving into it recently and he seems to have a good handle of what is going on and I hear KDM is in touch with him. Have you stopped treatment or changed tack?
Yes oral, but as I said, there was no effect, no herx, no improvement, no nothing...
I read loads of Lyme books, tried different herbal protocols, read all the Horowitz stuff and other Lyme docs. The problem is, I haven't found a single patient like me who has improved, so I've decided to stop treatment until I can find some proof, or at least an indication. 9 months is a long time to feel absolutely nothing :(
Actually Justy I will leave the comments here because I prefer them to be public so others can learn (I am guessing the group is private and so doesn't show up on google?).
It was interesting to read in Judy Mikovits' book "Plague" that they found that IL-8 was the inflammatory marker most strongly correlated with XMRV-like retroviruses.
I had my interleukins tested at Redlabs and both IL-6 and IL-8 were normal, I think, despite other stuff being quite off. I'll double-check for you later.
My IL-8 was 7 (range 0 -15 pg/mL); my IL-6 was 3 (range 0 - 5 pg/mL). All of my cytokines were normal, actually, although my Tgf-BETA1-s (activated TGF-BETA-1 serum) was actually 'nearly' out of range (low). I might be in that 'in between' time re: Hornig: I was in my third year of acute illness when these values were taken. However, other significant factors were off including nagalase, C3A, C4A, perforin expression, CD14, VEGF, etc, etc.
Thanks @JamieS for reporting your results. That's the first time I've known a RedLabs patient have no raised cytokines.
IL-6, IL-1beta, IL-12, IL-10 normal. IL-8 is 312 (should be below 15), TGF-beta1 : 15744 [1674-12400]. TNF is normal.

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