Thanks Maria. I was thinking last night about the "sham" of pretending to be healthy and how damaging it is. Thank you for saying it. You are stronger than you think.
Hi Maria, it is what it is and when you re worn out you need a good rest and not to be worried about fighting anything. We have to let things lie then, no matter how frustrating that is. And things move on as well, without us having to put mental energy into analysing them, which can be draining. A physio told me that we use 20% of our energy mentally, so its as important to rest mentally as it is physically. (ramble ramble). Hiding is an interesting one, I do it too, so, I m not the only one. Why do we do it?
Maria just wanted to say I am thinking of you. Sounds like things are not too good, but hang on, cuz help is just around the corner...

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