Hi I'm Marti and I'm British

I just want to dispel some of the blues, people may fill with the precarious position that they find themselves in.


Hi Marti


Did you mean you want to help people with the blues they feel due to the precarious position of having ME/CFS?

Personally, I love the blues - Mississipi Delta, moving on to Freddie King, BB, through Clapton, on to John Meyer (I heard he had ME and recovered.... by the way he plays guitar, I reckon he could do anything, so maybe we should recruit him to this forum - are you out there John? I could do with some tips on both ME recovery and guitar.......how doooooo you get that sound, man????).

Sorry, going off topic.

Welcome again, Marti, let us know what you think, and any ideas you have. This is a very open and freindly forum.

I just want to dispel some of the blues, people may fill with the precarious position that they may find themselves in, when committing to the Uk WPI study. Lured by the promise of a place; as an outsider reading several posts, there didn't seem at first glance to be, any guarantee.
I had the feeling that I could have done better and it was with considerable apprehension that I mustered the courage to send one and then two following emails.
I tryed to be diplomatic in my writng believing that Judy would take some convincing. Based on my first email sent on friday 5th it only addded to the mystery. After not receiving a message I felt Ihad been impertinent introducing myself with only my name and address with out any thoughtful details.
I had no indication of what absurd length I would go to inorder to weive my way into her good books.
The question was, what did I need to say?,I sent my second email on Tuesday morning and Judy was nowhere to be seen.
I was begining to have second thoughts. I felt I had an obligation to supply her with the relevant information about my diagnosis and should have geared my writing accordingly. Instead her having to run the gullet of my life story. I sent my third email and with genuine surprise she replyed. In a wish to be fair to others in my predicament. I enclose part of her reply.
"I actually wanted only your physical address because with are going to put everyone who emailed me into the study."
What an anti-climax.!
This blog was originally intended to be a reply to a post. I tried my hand at sending a reply to the thread and chased one post after another. Everytime I sent a message my reply was nowhere to be seen. I was becoming just a little dispondent, things where taking a tag too long, a whole afternoon to send one message. So inadventently I pumpled for sending a blog, but I didn't go quite according to plan; when typing my first paragraph, I hit the send button instead of preview and there it was saved for posterity.
So as you can see, it wasn't my original intention to generate mischief and believe me I tryed every combination of options to edit and delete my post. But now it seems that I'm going to take pride of place with everyone else on the hall of fame, In my defence, once I got into my full flow I think it would have be a genuine good read.

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