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jaariel;146246 said:
:sleepy:So, hello everyone,
I'm SOOO glad I found this site. Been learning tons. I have CFS w/ Chronic EBV titers of 8.0. My ex-husband has Hep-C & now our son is showing elevated EBV titers. I'm afraid my ex will blame me for "making him sick" & try to take him from me. So I guess I'm just asking if anyone has dealt with Hep C evolving into CFS.
I plan to really tell my story later, but right now I'm just too tired


Why do you think Hep C is related to CFS? Unless I'm misreading your post, your ex has Hep C , and you don't. If you don't have Hep C, you can't have given it to your son or anyone else. Hep C is transmitted through blood or sexual contact. It is easily found by blood test. Whether your son is developing CFS is another issue. Are you saying your son has Hep C, too?
i've never heard of Hep C evolving to CFS.

CFS takes A) A genetic Predisposition
plus B) A virulent trigger to activate

65-70% of CFS cases involve Viral Reactivation with EBV, HHV-6A and possibly CMV.

A plethora of co-infections can trigger the CFS...as well as Mold & Toxins can exascerbate symptoms.

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