Help find the cause of CFS by Participating in a Research Study

I spent three days last week at Georgetown University's Clinical Research Center. I thought it was a good way to spend my birthday. Dr. Baraniuk is studying the effect of exercise on the brain. Dr. Baraniuk reminds me of Mr. Rogers and the nurses were constantly taking care of me and the rest of the team made sure every detail of the study was done perfectly. He needs more volunteers and he wants older people. If it will help, I will pick you up at the airport and drive you to their center.
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Could you please give details as to what type of exercise/duration/ etc. you are talking about for the study.
Hi Tammy, Yes, you ride an exercise bike for as long as you can. YOU pick the level of resistance. YOU stop the test when YOU want to. I thought I would not be able to do it, but did fine. The staff will answer any questions you may have (I had lots). Call 202-687-8231. Ask for Amber or Emma.
I am convinced, that the cause of many cases of of chronic fatigue syndrome is due to chronic Borreliosis, As I am diagnosed with both. Brutal fatigue. new published articles have proven the existence of persistent infections, And dis proven the cdc position. Do they pay for the plane ticket from LA? 49 y.o.
I think travel money is limited, but send Amber an email so you will know for sure.
there has been many studies on the effect of exercise on the brain mostly looking for physcological benefits.seems great for people with primary symptoms of depression but is well known to cause serious crashes in people with m e .perhaps you could update and inform the readers to exactly which illness he is researching. thanks.
Hi Alkt, Look at his web site: and you will see that his CFS study is about documenting that even low levels of physical exercise and mental stress will cause changes in the way the brain fires. So, his study is not about emotions; more about brain fog. Hope this is helpful. Nansy
Alkt, I would also point out that the testing for lyme is completely and 2 tier testing protocol is proven to be wrong. I would suggest you go on the last page of :Treating lyme disease empirically. Gc AMF Australia posted the Horowitz Lyme questioner. Its very helpful since there is a hundred reasons (hypothetical number)why the testing cant be trusted.

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