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Health Update

Its been over 3mths since i lost posted in my blog.

The symptoms which were helped by having my Insulin problem diet with (very very strict hardly no carbs at all diet which I have to be on for life) were
im able to now get up at a normal persons time in the mornings
less sore throats (I often get one when i have milk and carbs)
the constant trying to control mood swings is gone.. its so wonderful not to be trying to constantly deal with major swings.
. Oh and also I dont get heart burn anymore either as long as I stay off the carbs. So no heartburn pills!!!

I think my specialist was disappointed that I didnt like get cured by the special diet and having insulin issue dealt with like he's cured others with "cfs". Last thing that specialist is going to do is send me for lactose intollerance testing, then he says there is nothing else he can do.

Thou I dont get mood swings (other then I still do get bad PMS!!) as long as I dont break my diet, a psychriastrist appointment finally came up (one which was organised way before they found out about insulin causing my mood stuff).... psychriastrist is of the opinion that taking drugs will stop me from getting severe mood swings if i break my diet and eat carbs (even thou both of my other specialists who deal with insulin stuff both think it wont help due to the issue being what it is). But anyway..so i decided I'd try it anyway (as last time i broke my diet, a car window almost got smashed 20mins later when insulin kicked in. Id eaten a chickpea salad not realising chickpeas are high carbs)...

I also have decided to try this psychriastrists med.. as its also an epileptic med.. and I had a collapse with complete blank out with seizure like activity (woke up and i was surrounded by people). And apparently it helps over active nervous system. So im currently trailing Valproate (which to my surprise I arent getting any bad MCS reactions to but im on a tiny dose). I now do have to go and have more brain scans done and also more heart tests due to my collapses.

One issue thou ..is the Valproate may be actually making the CFS/ME worst.. Im not sure if its that or a bad stress incident I had several weeks ago. The past few weeks.. the CFS/ME is as bad as it was a year ago or more.. so has gone downhill. Im back to being competely wiped out after simple life stuff. I had to came home early from christmas lunch party as the CFS/ME kicked in and I had to sleep due to it. I arrived there at 1.00 pm and was competely wiped out by 4.00pm.. then slept right throu to the next day.

I had before I started the Valproate and had that extra stress too, I'd gotten back to the point where I was okay with my normal life stuff (basically home alone all days except 1-2.. and just doing basic housework, shopping, house stuff)... but now.. Im not even managing to do my shopping at times and having to get another to do it for me. (having a lot more collapses but not from my normal POTS, now collapses are happening due to body weakness and my legs dont hold out). I collapsed last week onto the floor of a shop while trying to pay for a chicken.

I truely dont know if i should stop this trial of Valproate Im on "in case" it works when i break the carb diet or continue on with it as it may well be the cause of the worsening CFS/ME.

Interestingly when i researched Valproate.. it has the tendancy to lower the WBC, my WBC if it got any lower it would be out of normal range.. it drops every year. So the psych. recently putting me onto this vaporate, quite possibly may be a real bad idea.... (allowing XMRV which i think I have act stronger?? as my body fights it less with lower WBC??? anyway..that's my current possible theory).

My other specialists, as my WBC is just on the normal range line havent worried about my WBC (thou i have as they havent looked at its fallihg pattern its done for the past 10 years which I have for the past few, i can actually predict now what level it will be in my yearly tests as the fall of it is such a consistant amount. (is something killing my WBCs off???)


oh i forgot to add.. i FINALLY got one of my specialst to give me more melatonin.. Thank God for that. Without it i cant get to sleep till daylight the next day. So im having a good month with my sleep with the melatonin :) . Sadly i only less then a weeks left and I dont know if the speicalist will renew my prescription so i can get it... so i may have to put up with severe nightly insomina then again :( .
(The Vaporate dont help me to sleep).

*fingers crossed specialist will renew my script. They have no idea of the hell of nightly insomina, night after night!! I truely dont want to be dealing with that again on top of everything else.
I dint think you need a prescription for melatonin? Here they sell it at the vitaminstore I believe
Hi leaves..

melatonin used to be available here without a script throu the natural health stores or a Naturopath. Quite a few years back now, the Theraputic Goods Act (TGA) affected things and made it so a whole heap of our Natural supplements were only then available on prescription :( , which truely sucked as it then put all these Natural products in the hands of the doctors who dont know about most of these things and dont have training in them so dont prescribe them ... and took them out of the hands of the Naturopaths who do know about them and how they should be used etc.

Due to this.. many things which are available in other parts of the world, arent now available in Australia or you need a prescription for (and a willing doctor to do it)

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