Health Notes January 2016

This is the year that I went downhill seriously, and was admitted to hospital on 12.3.16, coming home on the 18th.

Abbreviations used in this section (apart from those I can't figure out)


abd - abdomen

AMRPHS - amorphous

B - burning? Think so

BLD - blood

BP - blood pressure

Bs - burps, I think

chlorphen - chlorphen(ir)amine

CRCKD - cracked

def - defecation

del/DEL - delayed

DNCS - (D = dark? See PNCS)

DRK - dark

DT - desmotab (desmopressin)

FRGMNTD - fragmented

FRM - firm

freq/FREQ - frequent

GS - presumably gas

GSY/gsy - gassy

hgj - home-grown joint

HLDBL - holdable

HLS - holes?

hr - hour

intermed - intermediate

irreg. SHP(D) - irregularly shaped

irrit. - irritating

LGHTR - lighter

LMPY - lumpy

LNG - long

LRGE - large

mcg - microgram(s)

med - medication

MED - medium-sized

noct - nocturic/nocturia

NRM - normal

NU - non-urgent

paracod - paracetamol & codeine

PCS - pieces?

PJ - pyjama

PNCS - (P = pale? See DNCS)

poly - polyuric/polyuria

pre-def - pre-defecatory

prometh - promethazine

PRTLY - partly

QDFCLT - quite difficult

QDRK - quite dark

QFRM - quite firm

QGSY - quite gassy

QS - quite soft (smooth?)

QSML - quite small

QSMTH - quite smooth

QTHN - quite thin

QU - quite urgent

QW(L)SHPD - quite well-shaped

RBT DRPNGS - rabbit droppings

RGH - rough

S - soft (I think)

S - slightly

SB - slight(ly) burning

SDB - slightly delayed burning

SDFCLT - slightly difficult

SFLKY - slightly flaky

SGSY - slightly gassy

SHPD - shaped

SHPDRPPNGS - sheep droppings

SLW - slow

SML - small

SMTH - smooth

sod bic/SOD BIC - sodium bicarbonate

SP - slightly pale?

SPRFCL - superficial

SRGH - slightly rough

SS - slightly soft

STCKTGTHR - stuck together

STRGHT - straight

SU - slightly urgent

supp - supplement

THN - thin

TTB - time to belch after sodium bicarbonate

U - urgent

V - very?

Valsalva - Valsalva manoeuvre

VS - very soft

VSB - very slightly burning?

VSML - very small

VSS - very slightly soft

VSU - very slightly urgent

WL - well

WLSHP(D) - well-shaped

yest - yesterday

1.1.16 V. bad night with 2 paracod & 1 cetirizine. 2nd paracod taken c. 2330, I think, & cetirizine c 0200.

Think I got c 15 mins sleep before being woken by fireworks at midnight, then kept awake by P yowling because wanting to go out for wee & eventually using tray, itching (scratched ankles & groin until latter & right ankle bled), poly/noct & general inability to switch off until c 0330.

Palm dermatitis again, itchy in left palm.

SU (del?) QS SML-MED PNCS def after breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 8¾ mins. Sod bic tasted quite salty.

Lower abd a bit bloated.

c 50 mcg DT 1230 after feeling poly for an hr or so.

TTB after lunch c 11½ mins. Sod bic tasted quite normal. Belch v. ‘ripe’.

Legs weak & tired from c 1400 or 1500.

NU, FRM, (Q) SMTH, SML-LRGE PNCS def just before dinner.

(V) U, QFRM, intermed SMTH/RGH, WL SHPD, SML-MED PNCS/few HLS, GSY def after dinner. Thought I was about to have/had had an ‘accident’, maybe due to GS.

Lower gut feeling v. active afterwards. Slightly bloated, fluttery.

Hearing got muffled again today. Valsalva cleared a bit.

TTB after dinner c 1 min.

TTB after supper c 2 mins.

Transient mild aches in right ear at times over recent days (when blocked).

c 50 mcg DT c midnight.

2.1.16 Slept well with 1 paracod. Right ear still blocked.

NU, SLW, SMTH, FRGMNTD, SML-MED (LRGE?) PNCS def before breakfast.

Legs OK-ish before, better after.

SU, SMTH, SML-MED PNCS def after breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 65s

Left palm still itchy & flaky with slight reddening, right palm flaky (smallish area, left palm larger area).

TTB after lunch c 3 mins. Sod bic tasted normal.

Still have blocked ears a lot of the time. Valsalva tending to be quite effective at clearing them.

c 50 mcg 1450 after being freq/a bit poly for an hr or 2.

Developed a spot on left side of chin.

TTB after dinner c 4 mins. Sod bic tasted normal.

NU, FRM, QSMTH, SML-MED PNCS, few SML-LRGE (1 LRGE?) DNCS def after dinner.

Gut feeling unhealthy in evening - feeling mild pain & discomfort, bloating & excessive activity.

Right hand slightly numb when washing up.

TTB after supper c 1055. Poked blocked ear in frustration.

c 50 mcg DT c midnight, feeling (a bit?) poly.

3.1.16 Inadequate sleep, largely due to poly/noct. Better later, I think, but shallow & fragmented.

U, FRM, intermed RGH/SMTH, SML-MED or LRGE PNCS & DNCS def before breakfast.

Mild lower-back pain after (but this may be due to bending & carrying buckets of water)

Legs quite good.

Right ear still partly blocked, left more temporarily so.

Still have palm dermatitis.

(SU?) poorly-seen, FRM, WLSHPD def before breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 2⅓ mins.

Legs tired after walking to post box & back, but had involved walking up to R H 2ce due to needing to go back to house & don wellies, pick way carefully through flood in road between river & mill, & bend to pick up cones (for scattering on cutting & bank).

Gunge in right ear is coming out in small, smelly, solid lumps at times.

c 50 mcg DT 1335 after feeling poly for an hr or 2.

Lost track of TTB after lunch - think it was c 5 mins.

U, GSY, poorly-seen, FRM, SML-LRGE PNCS def after dinner. Mild mid-right abd. pain afterwards, legs became weak. Left thumbtip split today.

Lower abd. feeling bloated & active after dinner/def. Slight dyspepsia.

TTB after dinner c 55s. Sod bic tasted saltier than usual.

Brief mild-moderate numbness in one hand &/or arm in afternoon.

Mild colo-rectal pain/discomfort c 2100, lasting maybe 2100 (?), then mild numbness in right hand (was washing up).

NU, QSML, FRM def c 2200. Feeling coldish at times in evening.

TTB after supper c 2 mins. Sod bic tasted a bit saltier than usual, I think.

c 50 mcg DT c midnight, feeling poly.

4.1.16 Enough sleep eventually, I think, with 5 mg melatonin, 1 paracod & 1 cetirizine, but wakeful & poly/noct until taking DT & cetirizine. Improved as night progressed.

Legs became weak soon after rising. Hearing still muffled, esp. right ear. Having to do Valsalva manoeuvre several times a day.

Still have palm dermatitis. Left toes curling slightly.

SU-QU, FRM, QSMTH, mostly SML PNCS (>1 MED/LRGE) def before breakfast.

Legs still weak. Feels as though there is some ‘potential energy’ in there but inaccessible, or unable to be activated. Also feels as though may be available soon.

Quite a lot of thick, sticky, smelly gunge coming from right ear now.

TTB after breakfast c 100s. Sod bic tasted milder than usual, maybe due to accidentally over-salted breakfast.

Got v. thirsty late a.m. Quenched with soya milk, apple juice & satsuma pieces.

Legs still tired. Feeling coldish.

Thirsty still/again after lunch. Had more soya milk.

Drank total of maybe c 250 ml (soya milk?) so far (additional to usual tea, & water to wash down meds & supps).

Usual cocoa yoghurt too. BP quite good after lunch. No DT yet today.

TTB after lunch c 1 min.

NU, FRM, QSMTH, VSML-SML, poss few MED PNCS def 1430.

Getting some ‘leakage’ (?) from rear end but only discovered on wiping (not after a def but due to suspicion of leakage). No soiling of pad. Mild mid abd pain.

c 50 mcg (on the low side) DT 1510. Poly & thirsty. Maybe thirst has been largely due to poly.

Mild lower-mid back pain.

Legs still weak 1625. Left index fingertip & thumbtip split & painful..

Lower lip twitching late afternoon.

Right ankle weak, hurting slightly on inside & arch.

SU-QU (DEL?) VSS/QFRM, intermed RGH/SMTH, SML-LRGE PNCS, few MED-LRGE DNCS def after dinner.

A few defs over past day or 2 have been SB/VSB.

Legs still significantly weak/tired. Calves twitchy now.

TTB after dinner c 90s.

QU, GSY, barely-seen def 2015.

TTB after supper c 14¼ mins.

QU, (GSY?) poorly-seen def 2230. Maybe freq. gsy defs due to Brussels sprouts.

c 50 mcs DT c 2315, feeling poly

5.1.16 Slept quite well with 5 mg melatonin & 1 chlorphen, albeit fragmented.

Right ear blocked again, right ankle improving, palms still flaky in centres.

Poss NU-VSU SML def before breakfast but unseen. Lower abd. bloated. Left palm itchy.

Left middle fingertip split & tender.

Still have spot on chin. It has white head.

Throat gurgles after breakfast - have had these involuntary - often embarrassing - gurgles for much (most?) of my life but maybe not (so much?) recently. Maybe it’s amplified (for me) by blocked ear.

TTB after breakfast c 50s. Sod bic tasted normal.

Still coughing up phlegm a few times a day. It often takes me by surprise.

c 50 mcg (on the higher side) DT 1110, getting exasperated by freq/poss. poly. Worked well at first, then seemed less effective.

Mild pain on right side of chest, near armpit, 1130.

U, SS, intermed RGH/SMTH, SML-LRGE (few latter) PNCS def after lunch.

TTB after lunch c 2½ mins. Sod bic tasted normal.

Thirst normal today.

SU, VSML, SMTH def 1545

SU, QSML, (Q) SMTH, SML-MED PNCS def 1645.

Suddenly v. hungry c 1700 (more than usual?) so wolfed down some nuts & sesame sticks, which seemed saltier than usual

As have been freq. all afternoon, I guess that I have been natriuretic.

Oral temp 36.2°C 2010. Feeling a bit cold.

TTB after dinner c 70s. Sod bic tasted v. salty.

NU-VSU, intermed SMTH/RGH, SML-MED PNCS (VSB?) def c2100. Mild lower-back pain afterwards. Lower lip twitching at some point.

TTB after dinner c 75s.

c 50 mcg (on lowish side?) DT 2230 to facilitate sleep, & rather freq (/poly?).

6.1.16 Slept enough overall with 5 mg melatonin, 25 mg diphen & 1 paracod, latter taken c midnight due to difficulty getting to sleep. Difficulty was perhaps partly due to poly/noct, but also restless legs, which I rarely get, & poss. general difficulty ‘switching off’. Continued poly/noct all/most of night.

Right ear substantially blocked again. Scratched groin to faint bleeding again at some point (presumably because itchy).

Left toes slightly curl-prone.

Palms flaky still/again.

TTB after breakfast c 45s.

Legs much better today.

More thick, sticky, smelly gunge got out of right ear.

TTB after lunch c 55s. Bp good, then systole high.

c 50 mcg DT (on the low side) 1430 after feeling freq for few hrs & now maybe getting poly. Moderate exertion pruning c 15-30 mins. Energy quite good.

NU, unseen def 1630. Legs tired again.

Pale blood on paper after farting 1715.

Lower abd feeling bloated again/still. (Maybe still due to Brussels sprouts. Having maybe 5-6 a day).

TTB after dinner c 65s. Sod bic tasted saltier than usual. Legs tired or weak.

Left palm flaky & itchy over large area late pm while eating usual supper (corn cakes + coconut oil + creamy & solid cheese, this time with gin & orange juice)

TTB after supper c 90s.

Right ear cleared substantially during day, as usual, partly with aid of Valsalva.

No DT tonight. Smallish, unseen (SB?) def around bedtime, I think.

7.1.16 Slept OK overall with 5 mg melatonin (taken in error) 2 x 25 mg diphen & 1 paracod, latter taken due to difficulty getting to sleep (c midnight or early hrs, I think). Both ears briefly blocked. Q freq. but maybe not poly/noct.

Dermatitis in both palms (flaking in both, itching in left). Left toes curl-prone. Poss. v. slight hint of numbness in left arm, so took Feverfew soon after rising.

Slight suggestion of numbness in both arms while preparing breakfast, so had tsp of yeast extract.

U, almost AMRPHS, VS, SML-MED def before breakfast. Mild lower-back pain after

Recent defs have seemed (V) SB (some, at least).

Top of right shoulder mildly painful.

Mild upper-right abd. pain (before breakfast).

Left ear became quite painful during Valsalva (about 3rd of several Vs in a row).

TTB after breakfast c 14 mins. Sod bic tasted normal (so presumably not hyponatraemic?)

TTB after lunch c 70s. Sod bic tasted normal.

c 50 mcg DT 1455, feeling rather poly, definitely freq for few hrs.

Hands getting v. dry (due to colder weather?) Right palm developed red split, which itches. (had been doing light outdoor stuff wearing rubber gloves)

Feeling cold 1655. Oral temp 36.4°C. Ambient temp in lounge just >17°C.

U, S, AMRPHS, SML-MED PNCS, B def after dinner. Mild lower-back pain & abd. discomfort afterwards. Brief mild left armpit pain at some time today.

Felt OK today (‘normal with ME’) after early hints of numbness.

TTB after supper c 2 mins.

Bp shortly before had been mixed - some ‘good’ (systole in 130s) some with systole in 160s or 170s. Pulse a bit higher than usual, diastole OK as usual.

A few brief ‘adrenaliney’ spells.

TTB after supper 2½ mins or less (wasn’t paying attention).

No DT tonight (no need perceived)

8.1.16 Slept well with c 12 mg prometh for 6 hrs, then little or no more, partly due to disturbance by P, then thinking too much.

Ears a bit less blocked than usual.

Mild pain in right armpit.

Hair seems to be coming through white now - it’s not just dandruff, but I guess that white hair must be associated with scalp problems. Hennaed roots yesterday, which improves appearance slightly - orange doesn’t contrast as jarringly as white with the overall reddish-brown.

Legs quite light & strong.

U (S/QS?) slightly AMRPHS, RGH, SML PNCS (some SFLKY?) def before breakfast. Mild lower-back pain later, but maybe from filling & carrying buckets.

Faint blood on wiping, presumably from anal irritation which may be due to burning from acidity.

Smelly gunge still coming from right ear.

Palms still flaky, left one still itching.

TTB after breakfast c 10 mins. Not hearty or sod bicy, but sod bic solution tasted saltier than usual. More hearty burp @ c 16 mins.

Feel a bit lacklustre & unmotivated. Legs poss. slightly less strong after sod bic. Right ear quite blocked.

Still swallowing small amount of phlegm, which still catches me by surprise. Maybe from ear?

c 100 mcg DT as going out.

Sleepy after yoghurt after lunch. Earlier had been a bit edgy.

TTB after lunch c 80s.

Difficult walk up hill - legs weaker than usual, but managed shopping OK otherwise (apart from deafness due to blocked right ear). Bladder held out well. Legs tired on return home.

Hair electric from c midday.

Sleepy after dinner. Hard to keep eyes open. Clothes tight around middle.

TTB after dinner c. 1 min.

Strength returned to legs after sleepy spell.

Back to basic grape-juice wine + hgj. Palm dermatitis flared up suddenly mid-late evening, left palm stinging, flaking prodigiously, both palms with small, reddish, raw-looking areas

Consumed tiny amount of 1st attempt at yoghurt-making, with Bifidobacterium-dominant starter culture.

TTB after supper c 2½ mins.

c 50 mcg DT c midnight, poly/noct

9.1.16 Slept quite well with 1 paracod. Definitely well until 0500, then not 100% sure how much, as had dreams but unclear whether had been asleep or not. Not the restless ‘limbo’ state I sometimes get, but quite restful & relaxed, including physically.

Legs OK. Right ear partly blocked. Feels v. full, although hearing not too bad. Still getting fed up with it. Started using bicarb ear drops again

Palms both flaky & itchy. Getting worse.

Sharp gp followed by U, FRGMNTD, SML-LRGE PNCS def before breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 90s.

Had 1st bit of rather amateurish attempt at making yoghurt, which I made in metal flask yesterday using boiled soya milk & a starter called Genesis Bio, purporting to contain Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, B. infantis, B. longum, B. breve & B. adolescentis. Mixed it with remaining Alpro yoghurt + cocoa & xylitol. Home-made yoghurt was thickish liquid with bits (in) it. Soya milk had developed a skin when being boiled (not sure if it needed boiling), & had partly solidified yesterday - had turned to a white or greyish-white yoghurt-type solid & a yellowish liquid, but I had stirred it before putting it in fridge, which appears to be wrong thing to do.

SU, S, SML-MED PNCS def after lunch. B. seems to be decreasing or gone, maybe since yesterday.


c 50 mcg DT 1545, feeling poly.

Got quite tired taking out & replacing files on shelves but didn’t realise until end/afterwards.

Forgot post-lunch sod bic. Tongue slightly sore towards right side.

Legs weak after dinner. Still have spot on chin.

TTB after dinner (large sod bic dose) c 2 mins, but not hearty/subsequent potential hearty ones got ‘stuck’ (maybe because distracted).

Hearty one @ c 7 mins

TTB after supper c 1 min. Legs still tired. c. 50 mcg DT c midnight as poly/noct.

10.1.16 Transition today from curry & rice to farinata for lunch.

Slept fairly well with 1 paracod.

Left foot & poss leg slightly numb when letting cats out c 0430.

Mood slightly low on rising. Right ear partly blocked again/still. Tinnitus.

Chin-neck glands moderately swollen as usual.

Inside of right cheek catching a bit (haven’t always mentioned this)

Veins in hands quite prominent, subsiding if lifted. Not sure how usual this is or isn’t.

Mild pain in gut in chest (before rising?), then elsewhere in upper abd.

Arm (s, I think) slightly numb; v.mild transient neckache. Thought I might be hyponatraemic and/or have impending migraine, so took feverfew early & had yeast extract drink instead of 1st mug of tea.

Tongue still slightly sore.

NU, FRM, QSML, SML-LRGE (SEED? presumably yes - see 12th) def before breakfast. Q SMTH.

V. mild nausea. Legs tired after def.

U, QS, SML PNCS def before breakfast. Legs stronger again (already before def).

Transitioned from rather unfilling veg curry & rice for lunch to farinata, into which I had mixed onion, garlic, carrot & parsnip, while finishing curry & rice (so about ½ & ½).

Still a bit hungry ½ hr later, so had home-made yoghurt, which was liquid/bitty, with cocoa & xylitol.

TTB after lunch c 55s. Became v. bright & quite energetic-feeling for while.

(S)U, SS, SML-MED PNCS def c 1700.

NU, scarcely-seen but looking normalish, def after dinner.

U, QWLSHPD, FRM, QSMTH, SML-MED PNCS, SB, mild lower-back pain after, def after dinner, which featured many-months-old butternut squash, which was soft but tasted & smelt OK. Had cooked it usual way - roasted in oven with (old!) tom puree with mould scraped off (!), lemon juice, garlic, coconut oil, turmeric, cumin, salt, pepper & thyme.

TTB after dinner c 85s. Sod bic tasted saltier than usual.

c 50 mcg DT c 2005 (just before sod bic), feeling a bit poly, which I had not earlier (since midnight). One wrist hurting a bit in evening - right, I think.

TTB after supper c 65s. Ears quite clear late pm.

11.1.16 Slept (quite) well with 5 mg melatonin & 1 paracod. As usual over recent days, sleep consisted of a fairly long phase (c 5 hrs) followed by shorter, sometimes poss. shallower bouts.

Right ear partly blocked again on waking. Can smell the gunge (ditto yesterday)

Legs average. Left ear seems v. slightly blocked too.

Hand slightly numb writing. Legs average - slightly weak.

Mild pain across mid-abd, extending all way to sides.

Finger- & thumbtips have been surprisingly unsplit for few days although weather colder.

Palms itchy & flaky.

(Q)U, PRTLY-seen (SMTH, SML-MED PNCS RBT DRPNGS) def before breakfast.

(Q) U (Q) WLSHPD, SMTH, SML PNCS, few SML DNCS, SDB def before breakfast.

Legs still quite tired/weak. Cold feeling in calves - strength improving?

TTB after breakfast c 9½ mins.

TTB after lunch c 1 min. Energy increased for while (notably legs)

Finger & thumbtips started splitting after fairly brief exposure to cold & damp.

c 50 mcg DT 1700, feeling a bit poly (1st DT since last night).

NU, SML PCS, SMTH, SML PNCS, GSY def 1730. Urine bright yellow at some point pm

Legs (calves) tired, aching & throbbing after dinner. Had done some minor gardening earlier, which I wouldn’t expect to cause fatigue, but maybe it did. Dermatitis in palms coming & going.

Freq/poly after dinner.

TTB after dinner c 1 min.

TTB after supper 2½ mins, I think (poss 1½)

12.1.16 Mixed sleep (as usual lately) - with 5 mg melatonin & 1 paracod - quite solid for c 6 hrs, then more fragmented, partly due to disturbance by cats.

Thought I hadn’t been sleeping once or twice, then recalled dream(s).

Legs better than yesterday on rising. Hand v. slightly numb writing.

Right ear partly blocked. Perineal itching since yest. pm, disappeared today am.

Quite large flaky area in left palm & smaller one in left (right?) again, both itchy. Right arm slightly numb. A bit poly/noct later in night.

NU, FRM, mixed SMTH/SRGH, SML-MED PNCS (seeds) defs before breakfast.

NU, VSU, SML, THN (FRM?) def just before breakfast. V. mild lower-back pain afterward.

TTB after breakfast c 3¾ mins. Sod bic tasted a bit saltier than usual.

U, FRM, WL-SHPD, SML-LRGE PNCS, SML (-MED?) DNCS def late am. Brief, mild proctalgia c 10-15 mins later.

Still having some yoghurt after lunch, although not as hungry today so had small amount & later than usual (c 1330). This was home-made with Bifidus-rich starter, which had turned out liquid despite culturing for c 2 days. Not sweet, so sugar must have been used up.

Cervical lymph nodes quite hard & prominent.

Clothes tight around waist (while sitting), as is common lately.

TT sort-of B after lunch c 4 mins, but Bs (2) got stuck, poss. due to tensing up ?

Eventual hearty B at c 9 mins.

c 50 mcg (low end) DT c 1515, feeling rather poly/freq.

Legs quite tired late afternoon.

TTB after dinner c 4¼ mins. Legs better.

TTB after supper just < 10 mins.

13.1.16 Slept quite well with 5 mg melatonin & 1 chlorphen.

Noticed that palms were smooth when I woke, becoming flaky after rising.

Legs weakish on rising.

(V) U, FRM, intermed RGH/SMTH, SML-LRGE (>1) PNCS def soon after rising. Brief mild lower abd/gp afterwards. Legs slightly better afterwards? (Short-lived)

Left hand numb holding book, but not when repositioned.

Right ear partly blocked, less so than yesterday & sometimes clearing.

Perineal itching again. Randiness (associated due to irritation?).

Left ring finger still cracks when used, & has a vein at base, running from left to right (or v.v.) which right one hasn’t.

NU-VSU, FRM, QTHN, intermed SMTH/RGH, SML-LRGE PNCS def before breakfast. B afterwards.

Still have spot on chin. Still using sod bic drops in right ear, usually at least 2ce a day.

Having to clear throat a lot, which is still ‘chesty’ in nature, sometimes acrid.

TTB after breakfast c 10 mins unless missed one due to distraction.

Small amount of orange juice late a.m. as thirsty.

NU, QSML, FRGMNTD, QSMTH, SML-LRGE PNCS (latter >1), SML-MED DNCS def after lunch.

Bifidus yoghurt’ after lunch (as prev.)

TTB after lunch c 70s.

Weight 49 kg in 2 T-shirts & 1 jumper (light) pm.

Found it easy to lift feet & wash them in bathroom basin, although right foot went v. pale for maybe c 2 mins before colour returned (after rubbing, but might have returned without this).


V. flatulent today, although no Brussels sprouts for days at least.

U, VSS, LMPY, SML-MED PNCS & DNCS, SDB after dinner.

TTB after dinner c 7½ mins. Back of head briefly ‘clamped’ & numb.

c 50 mcg (presumably DT) 2020, freq & maybe a bit poly.

Feet/ankles a bit painful earlier (after wash) when walking. Felt like bones &/or joints. Right wrist ditto later.

Mild pain across abd. c 2100. Moving around between lower & upper abd, from side to side, & in middle. Later had quite strong pain in groin & at same level in side & back, after urination.

TTB after supper c 2½ mins

Checked to here

14.1.16 Slept moderately well with 5 mg melatonin & 25 mg diphen + 1 paracod due to urinary freq/irrit. but had to get up early for doctor appt. Also mentally ‘rehearsing’ appt. a bit, as I tend to do - & (then) dreaming about it, which was typically unrealistic

(V)SU, QSMTH, SML-MED or LRGE PNCS, SML-MED DNCS, SDB def before breakfast. Slight superficial blood, I think.

SU, irreg. SHPD, SML-MED/LRGE PNCS, SML DNCS, B or irrit def after breakfast.

Hair electric. Some gunge came out of left ear. Right one still partly blocked.

TTB after breakfast c 20 mins - not sod bicy at all. Sod bic dose delayed due to trip to doctor’s. Feel quite well.

* Blood test showed high serum B12 (see test results file)

Thought I perceived some numbness in left arm while preparing lunch. Brief, mild pain around right eye while eating it.

c 50 mcg DT 1500, freq & maybe poly (felt so).

Energy levels quite good today.

Right fingers & forearm quite numb pm. Had spent quite a lot of time & energy cutting up veg.

V. flatulent again.

(U?) GSY, FRM, SML-MED PNCS def after dinner.

Limbs weak late afternoon. Chin-neck lymph nodes/glands seem more swollen.

TTB after dinner c 90s.

Mildish neckache from mid-evening. Mild lower-back pain after hgj (therefore after starting my daily modest wine intake - est 150-200 ml. Forgot to close brackets.

TTB after supper c 1 min.

15.1.16 Slept well with 2 x 25 mg diphen. Legs OK on rising. Hand mildly painful writing. Mild pain across mid abd, feeling bowel associated & apparently gradually moving downwards, plus some ‘pre-def’ sensations in lower bowel. Hand became a bit numb writing & holding book. Right ear partly blocked.

U, poorly-seen, mixed-colour (NRM-LGHTR), FRM, PNCS, (S)B or irrit def before breakfast.

Still coughing up a bit of phlegm (ear secretions?).

U, VSS, intermed RGH/SMTH, SML-MED PNCS, SML DNCS (SB?) def after breakfast.

Mild lower-back pain afterwards.

TTB after breakfast c 1 min. Sod bic seemed a bit saltier than usual.

Sleepy & a bit hungry late am.

NU, SML, FRM, SML-MED PNCS def after lunch.

TTB after lunch (small, not hearty) c 40s. Heartier one @ 3 mins 40s.

Didn’t take DT before going shopping as didn’t feel poly. Bladder filled up towards end of shopping trip (c 90 mins) but not seemingly more than usual of late.

Am perceiving that am not getting (much) central diuresis now, but still getting solute diuresis. Less diuresis overall, I think. Not sure whether this changed before or after hospital visit on 9th Dec.

Legs were a bit less tired after post-dinner sod bic, helping with walk up hill, but had to stop maybe 6-8 times.

U, FRM, SMTH, SML-MED PNCS, fewer SML->1 LRGE DNCS (SB?) def after dinner. Legs quite tired.

TTB after dinner c 90s. Mild headache & left upper-toothache, & neckache.

c 50 mcg DT 2140, maybe v. slightly poly (maybe not).

Mild lower-back pain of unclear origin.

Right hand mildly-moderately painful, feeling like bones or joints.

TTB after supper c 65s. Poked one or both ears a bit this evening, trying to clear a bit (limited success)

16.1.16 Slept quite well with 1 cetirizine (10 mg) but quite poly/noct. Right ear still partly blocked.

NU, FRM, SMTH, irreg. SHPD, SML (-?) LRGE PNCS def before breakfast. Legs tired.

U, FRM, WL-SHPD, intermediate RGH/SMTH, SML-LRGE PNCS (SML-MED DNCS?) def before breakfast.

(Q)U, SS, SML-LRGE PNCS (many) SML-MED DNCS (SDB?) def after breakfast. Mild lower-back pain afterwards.

TTB after breakfast c 8 mins, I think, but lost track.

c 50 mcg (lower end) DT 1215, feeling poly.

Had some Alpro yoghurt today - with Lactobacillus bulgaricus & Streptococcus thermophilus, partly to use it up & partly to see how it affects me, & largely because have run out of home-made Bifidus-dominant yoghurt.

TTB after lunch c 45s. Sod bic tasted saltier than usual.

Legs felt quite strong for c 30-60 mins after sod bic, then weak again.

Had also been sleepy after lunch.

TTB after dinner c 3¼ mins Left middle fingertip painfully split.

Weather cold.

c 50 mcg DT c 2215, after feeling poly for an hr or so.

TTB after supper c 3 mins 10 s.

17.1.16 Slept quite well with 1 paracod, but felt shallow (at times?). E.g. woke after 2 hrs’ sleep feeling & thinking same as when (presumably) fell asleep, thinking that it was still around that time. Quite poly/noct.

Upper left arm or shoulder mildly painful on one awakening towards end of night. Right ear blocked again still (partly)

Both arms mildly-moderately numb after rising.

Hand numb writing & holding book.

Took Feverfew early.

Tried small dose of sodium bicarbonate (didn’t want to have a lot before breakfast in case reduced ability to produce HCl for digestion). It didn’t taste unusually salty - just normal.

Also had an extra piece of Sheese for salt (I still have small piece when letting cats out c 0400-0500, to prevent hunger preventing sleep)

NU, FRM, bicoloured, SML-MED PNCS, SMTH but slightly LMPY def before breakfast.

Felt more energetic after def, although not weak before, & arm numbness greatly reduced/almost gone. Vagus nerve involvement?

U, SS, intermed RGH/SMTH, SML-MED PNCS (many), SB def after breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 2¾ mins. Sod bic tasted a bit saltier than usual.

Right ear cleared substantially with Valsalva, & left may have a little too. Still using sod bic drops in right.

Left wrist a bit painful at times. Maybe from opening jar(s)/bottle(s).

c 50 mcg DT c 1515 after being freq/poly for maybe an hour.

Forgot post-lunch sod bic.

Had mixed Alpro/home-made yoghurt today - mostly Alpro.

Sore area in gum near base of a tooth on upper right, at front. Prob. from cleaning teeth.

Still have spot on chin, but a bit less prominent.

U, QFRM, QSMTH, SML-MED PNCS (& DNCS, I think) def after dinner.

TTB after dinner (quite large dose) c 90s.

TTB after supper (quite large dose) c 45s.

c 50 mcg DT midnight because poly/noct.

18.1.16 Sleep felt sub-optimal with 2 paracod, better towards end.

Right ear still partly blocked.

Arms & hands a bit numb on rising so took feverfew early & had yeast extract drink instead of tea.

U (DEL) FRM, WLSHPD, SRGH, SML-MED PNCS (& 1 ORANGE!), SML DNCS, SB def before breakfast.

As yest, felt better afterwards, less numbness, ear clearer (which started before def, so maybe due to movement of material into rectum).

TTB after breakfast c 9 mins. Bs nearly came much earlier but got ‘stuck’. Sod bic tasted much less salty than usual.

TTB after lunch 1 min.

Urinary burning. Mild mid-upper-right abd. pain shortly after sod bic, & burning (urinary) seemed to decrease.

(Lower?) lip trembling am or last night - or twitching.

Right thumbtip split.

Arms felt a bit numb after dinner. Upper arms aching a bit, maybe from use.

TTB after dinner c 90s.

c 50 mcg DT c 2210, freq-ish, maybe a bit poly (perceived so)

TTB after supper 1 or 2 mins (lost track).

19.1.16 Mixed sleep with 5 mg melatonin & 1 paracod, maybe not enough (Quite) good until c 0500, then more broken. A bit noct, & freq towards end

Arms a bit numb/aching on rising, so had yeast extract drink instead of tea 1st thing, & took Feverfew early. Itchy area next to right wrist (on hand)

Legs quite weak & tired. Hearing initially clear, but still some material in right ear which caused it to become partly blocked again.

NU, FRM, SMTH, STRGHT, SML-MED PNCS, SML DNCS def before breakfast. A bit stronger, & less/non-numb afterwards. SDB.

U, QFRM, QSMTH, WLSHP, SML-LRGE PNCS & DNCS, B def after breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 4¼ mins.

TTB after lunch c 105s. Smaller one maybe 30s earlier.

c 50 mcg (lower end) DT 1530 after feeling poly/freq for hr or so.

SU-QU, FRM, RGH, SML-MED PNCS, SML DNCS, B or sore def 2000. Mild head- & neckache observed afterwards. Windy def, I think

TTB after dinner 3¼ mins.

TTB after supper c 90s. Right ear quite clear at times - hearing good.

May have forgotten pre-dinner L-glutamine. c 50 mcg DT c 2300, feeling poly

20.1.16 Slept enough, I think, with c 5 mg melatonin & 2 paracod, 2nd taken c 0300, feeling that I might have trouble getting back to sleep. Quite noct/poly, waking c every 90 mins to urinate

Arms quite numb, so took feverfew early & had yeast extract drink.

Right ear partly blocked again. Legs quite weak, left toes curling.

Still have flaky areas in middle of palms, but only occasionally itchy (not sure if right one itches. (forgot to close bracket)

U, barely seen, (FRM?) def before breakfast. Legs stronger afterwards.

Difficult-to-clear phlegm (I think it’s from ear(s) - prob. right) a.m.

Not much brain fog lately: mental energy better than physical energy, I think.

TTB after breakfast c 4 mins

Left middle finger still often ‘locks’ painfully but am getting used to it.

TTB after lunch c 3 mins 20s.


Wonder if improved bowel function is due to eating fewer nuts.

Still flatulent - due to chick peas? Very flatulent today.

Mild lower-back pain c 1700 (feeling of bowel twisting or being squeezed)

NU, thin, intermed-SMTH/RGH, SML-MED PNCS def just before dinner.

Mild lower-back pain after.

May have omitted magnesium supplement today.

TTB after dinner c 1 min.

SU, FRM, SMTH, SML-MED PNCS, SML(-MED?) DNCS, S(D)B def c 2100. Still flatulent, causing discomfort. V. mild headache.

Decided to go back to 2 CalMag Plus a day, having reduced it to 1 a day after apparent adverse response to Vitashine Vit D3.

TTB after supper c 55s. c 50 mcg DT c 2300, freq & maybe noct.

Urine strongly coloured today (yellow), at least sometimes.

21.1.16 Maybe got c 7 hrs’ sleep with 5 mg melatonin, 1 chlorphen & 1 paracod, latter taken c 0500 after 1-2 hrs’ wakefulness which was poss due to overthinking. Quite poly/noct towards end, prob. solute-drive(n?).

Kneebacks aching on rising.

Hands numb writing. Left toes curling Legs weak.

Hair electric when brushed.

Arms seemed less numb - not noticeably or bothersomely so.

QU, QFRM/VSS, SML-MED PNCS (SML DNCS?) (S) B def after breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 65s.

c 50 mcg DT c 1420, feeling poly/freq. Legs still weakish/tired

TTB after lunch c 6 mins 20s. Legs feeling stronger.

DT apparently ineffective, or effect delayed for maybe 2 hrs or more.

NU, FRM, QSMTH, QDRK, SML-MED PNCS (SML DNCS?) SB def after dinner.

Spot on chin almost gone.

Legs weak again after dinner.

TTB after dinner c 75s.

TTB after supper c 75s. Forgot 2nd CalMag Plus

Legs continued weak all evening. Also quite poly towards end.

22.1.16 Not sure if took DT at bedtime. Think I slept enough with 5 mg melatonin, 25 mg diphen & 2 paras, latter for urinary irritation, which worked. 2nd para c 0600. A bit/quite noct.

Legs better than yesterday. Energy good.

QU, FRM, SMTH, WLSHPD, SML->1 LRGE PNCS, SML (-MED?) DNCS def after breakfast. SPRFCL BLD (superficial blood?)

TTB after breakfast c 3¾ mins. Sod bic tasted a bit saltier than usual, but feel well, & quite strong.

c 50 mcg DT 1225, feeling poly. Seemed to help.

SU, (Q) SMTH, SML PNCS def after lunch, SDB, SPRFCL BLD.

Still having cocoa & xylitol yoghurt after lunch, currently mixture of Alpro lacto-dominant & homemade Bifidus-dominant.

TTB after lunch c 4½ mins. Still quite strong & energetic.

Another c 50 mcg DT 1420, feeling slightly poly still.

Average difficulty walking up hill. Bladder filled up while shopping (within 90 mins) Legs v. tired & achy on return home.

TTB after dinner c 2 mins? Wasn’t paying proper attention.

Urinary burning.

Definite sod bicy burp at 6 mins.

Palm dermatitis seems a little better - less flaky & itchy.

Both thumbtips split, along with left middle finger, & some others to lesser extent.

TTB after supper c 110s. Wrists hurting at times today. Bones, due to mineral loss?

Leg ache & tiredness decreased slightly in evening (after hgj).

Took 2 paras for urinary burning in late evening

Mild neckache, v. mild headache Heartburn-type pain just left of mid-chest or abd (brief). Less flatulent today. Had less farinata for lunch (made with chickpeas)

23.1.16 Slept OK overall, I think, with 2 x 25 mg diphen, but some difficulty getting to sleep, & quite noct/poly at times.

Legs tired & achy on rising (aches are mainly in calves)

Hand a bit numb writing. Left toes slightly curl-prone. Quite sleepy.

SU but SLW, SDFCLT, SMTH, FRM, QWLSHPD, SML-MED PNCS def before breakfast. One yesterday was SLW & QDFCLT too. Noticed SB & mild lower-back pain after collecting water to flush (which is also sometimes common).

Hand now definitely numb writing.

Legs stronger soon after def.

Right ear still partly blocked. Still having to swallow harsh-tasting phlegm.

Still shifting small amounts of brownish stuff from right ear (thin, quite pale brown).

TTB after breakfast c 1 min. Feeling cold. Warm again when active.

NU, QSML, (V)SP, intermed RGH/SMTH, SML (-MED?) PNCS def late am.

NU (Q)SMTH, irreg SHP, SML, SML PNCS def after lunch.

Clothes tight around waist when sitting (as often/usual lately).

TTB after lunch c 2¼ mins.

Poly, weakish & quite restless mid-late afternoon. Continued poor perceived temperature control - sometimes getting cold when seated, then too hot when active (a common problem).

VSU (HLDBL) SMTH but S CRCKD, SML-MED PNCS (& DNCS? Hard to see) def c 1730.

U, QFRM, many SML PNCS, poss. few MED, few (SML-MED) DNCS, SDB def after dinner. QGSY.

Still getting urinary discomfort/burning at times (so not due to DT)

Today or yesterday I had brief mild pains in/near one or both armpits.

Early evening today I again noticed mild pain at top of right shoulder.

TTB after dinner c 70s.

c 50 mcg (low end) DT c 2000.

Soon after I wrote the above, I had a briefish mild pain in right armpit.

TTB after supper c 1 min. Think I forgot hgj this evening - v. unusual if so.

24.1.16 Moderate sleep with c 13 mg prometh, seemingly shallow towards end again, wherein I feel as though I’m not, or have not been, asleep, but clearly have as have been dreaming.

Wonder if this could be due to feverfew, which should have started having anti-migraine effect around 21st.

Right ear still partly blocked, varying over time.

Legs quite weak & tired, calves aching.

NU FRM CRCKD/STKTGTHR SML-MED PNCS (& fewer DNCS? (forgot to close bracket) def before breakfast. Legs a bit stronger (afterwards?)

U, SRGH, SML-MED PNCS, fewer SML-MED DNCS, WL SHPD. Mild lower-back pain afterwards, but had also been bending (after breakfast)

Earlier had brief mild upper-right abd pain, then a bit later stronger pain across mid abd, mainly in middle (oesophagus?). Not severe but enough to cause mild exclamation.

Unusually-strong muscle-type pain in upper left arm, on outside, after breakfast, then mild one in left armpit & another on right side of neck towards back

TTB after breakfast c 6 mins.

Legs continued quite weak

TTB after lunch c 75s? (Got distracted/confused) Definitely one @ 4 mins.

Back on Sojade yoghurt, mixed with remains of liquid homemade Bifido-dominant yoghurt, today. Sojade has ‘Bifidus & Acidophilus’.

Legs quite weak for most of day.

Brain still gets tired after doing calculations for a few mins, & sometimes after fairly small amount of other activity, but not as bad as it has been.

U, QFRM/VSS, many SML-MED PNCS, fewer SML-MED DNCS, B or sore, (QSMTH?) WL SHPD, LRGE def after dinner, apparently set off by mental activity of composing verse.

TTB after dinner c 100s.

Trapped wind causing fair amount of discomfort. No farinata today, but a few butter beans & some hummous. Have been having hummous for weeks.

TTB after supper c 65s.

Trapped wind had lasted for over an hr, maybe more, & dissipated fairly soon after wine & hgj.

25.1.16 Slept well, after difficult start due to noct/poly/freq/irrit & general slight wakefulness, with 2 paracod, 2nd taken c 2300 with 50 mcg DT

Legs weakish, but better than yesterday, I think.

Right ear still partly blocked, but hearing seems to be gradually improving from day to day - louder but often muffled

Lower bowel seems noisy, but maybe just hearing it better!

Hand fairly numb after writing for a while.

Shoulders seem slightly tense. Mild neck & upper-mid-back pain.

Weight c 48 kg in 2 T-shirts, PJ trousers, light slippers & woolly hat pre-def.

(NU?) (FRM?) WLSHPD, intermed SMTH/RGH, SML-LRGE PNCS (quite numerous), DRK PATCH (ditto yesterday or other recent day) SB or sore def after breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 90s.

Felt energetic after lunch, & had a burst of activity (non-strenuous) for c ½ hr.

TTB after lunch (& after activity) c 5 mins.

Another bout of moderate activity (maybe 20 mins).

Freq but prob. not poly.

Palms still quite flaky, not v. itchy.

Spoke to Dr Sparrow on phone - Vitamin D level 61 (> 50 is adequate, > 75 is optimal). Mg & Bicarbonate were not tested.

My high B12 is not a cause for concern as prob due to supplementation.

Will print & send results since 19.8.10. Can’t (yet) supply digitally. (Did I do this?)

TTB after dinner c 3½ mins.

TTB after supper c 2 mins 40 s. Feel quite well today. (It’s usually quite a PEM-y day, I think).

26.1.16 Slept well with 2 paracod. 2nd taken around midnight along with c 50 mcg DT as poly/noct (after some sleep?)

Palms itchy on waking. Legs average. Right ear still partly blocked.

For maybe a week or 2 the feeling of physical blockage is clear but hearing is not too bad.

Slow unblocking is perhaps best as the increase in hearing is not so startling.

Still using sod bic drops about 1-3 x daily.

Became a bit nauseous while drinking 1st mug of tea. A few nuts seemed to help. Then lower bowel became active.

U (HLDBL) QWLSHPD, FRM, SRGH, SML-MED PNCS & DNCS def before breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 2¼ mins.

Legs were quite strong until after considerable activity - bending, going up & down steps, etc. due to delivery from Goodness Direct that had been left outside in pouring rain and, for 2nd time, contained broken bottle/s which had spilled tomato passata on other items.

TTB after lunch c 3 mins, I think, but was focusing on trying to minimise the damage to Goodness Direct delivery.

Mild headache c 2000. Had been freq/maybe poly all afternoon. Tinnitus (not getting this much lately). Mild neckache too.

Feeling a bit cold when inactive.

TTB after dinner c 4½ mins.

Mild lower-lip twitching at times (left side)

TTB after supper c 45s. Poss. slight or near regurgitation.

Palms itchy late pm.

c 50 mcg DT c 2300, a bit poly/freq/noct/irrit

27.1.16 Sub-optimal sleep with 5 mg melatonin & 2 paracod, 2nd taken c 0500 due to wakefulness, poss. partly due to disturbance by T. Legs a bit crampy

Right wrist mildly painful, starting during night or yest. evening.

Both wrists were mildly painful on & off yesterday or day before.

Legs tired-feeling; left toes curling. Arms a bit tired too.

Hand numb writing. Slight tiptoe-walking before rising today?

Noticed that front of neck is v. pale (white blood cells in glands/lymph nodes?) ‘Goitre’-type gland quite swollen’ (not sure of origin of latter inverted comma), others slightly-moderately so.

Right ear partly blocked again/still. Mild ache in throat, gone after rising.

Left palm markedly flaky & itchy. Itchy area at junction between right palm & wrist (as occurs sometimes).

Mild nausea after 1st mug of tea, then several hearty belches. Nausea soon gone. Lot of fluid in airways am, some like phlegm. From ear(s)?

NU-VSU, FRM, WLSHPD, QSMTH, SML-MED PNCS & DNCS, SDB or sore, def after breakfast.

Many more belches afterwards.

Food seems to be going down more slowly than usual.

TTB after breakfast c 100s.

c 50 mcg DT 1200 as feeling poly. Generous side of 50 mcg.

TTB after lunch c 45 s. Very little homemade yoghurt as ran out. Mostly Sojade.

Energy significantly increased pm - after sod bic?

Left side of lower lip twitching after dinner again.

Sleepy after dinner. Right eye watering

TTB after dinner c 100s.

Poly/freq again by c 2100. Right wrist mildly painful again. Eventually took c 50 mcg DT 2145, fed up with freq & almost-constant urination urge. Not particularly irrit.

TTB after supper c 5½ mins. Mild mid-right abd. pain after.

28.1.16 Slept quite well with 5 mg melatonin & 1 paracod, maybe lighter towards end.

Right ear still partly blocked, blockage feeling more fluid. Left ear has also had some gunge in it for some time but less blocked.

Legs quite good. Hand quite numb holding book.

Left toes curling a bit.

QU, SGSY, FRM, SMTH, SML-MED PNCS, SML DNCS def soon after rising

Definitely less flatulent after stopping farinata.

QU, FRM, most SMTH, SML-MED PNCS & DNCS, SDB or sore def soon after breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 65s.

Scalp felt strange after washing hair - felt rather as though I was wearing a bathing cap - tight feeling in skin. Hair seems to be clinging to scalp.

Still have bad dandruff & flaking/scaly/lumpy scalp, esp bad at top parting. Hope I don’t go bald - arms & legs are hairless (have been for years, I think) & crotch & armpit hair is sparse.

c 50 mcg DT 1355 as poly/freq & wanting to be able to concentrate.

Only Sojade bifidus + acidophilus yoghurt today (no homemade)

TTB after lunch c 40s.

Eyes tired after dinner. Then feeling cold.

TTB after dinner c 65s.

c 50 mcg DT 2215, feeling quite poly again.

TTB after supper c 75s.

Energy/legs quite good today.

Palms almost smooth at times; left one became itchy & flaky again while getting ready for bed; right one just flaky

29.1.16 Sub-optimal sleep with 5 mg melatonin, I chlorphen & 1 paracod, latter taken c 0400 due to inability to get back to sleep after being woken by P to go out 0300. Had that uncertain sleep after 0300 where feel during sleep as though I’m not asleep but dreams suggest otherwise.

Legs average. Right wrist moderately painful during night.

Right ear blocked still/again

Trousers tending to fall down, so lower abd. maybe quite flat/waist quite narrow.

Brief mild nausea before drinking tea.

U (thought I was close to losing some after delay but it was gas) FRM, QWSHPD, QSMTH, SML-MED PNCS & DNCS def after breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 65s.

c50 mcg DT (high side) (DT - accidental repetition) 1245 as a bit poly/freq & going out.

TTB after lunch c 50s

Bladder filled quite fast after going out, & had to use/used public loo soon after got into town. Urine quite bright yellow. Had to stop multiple times going up hill - maybe 8?

Calves aching/legs tired on getting home, but able to do necessary tasks slowly.

TTB after dinner c 65s. Legs quite tired still/again.

Palm dermatitis non-troublesome for most of day again, flaring up a bit in evening. Digit tips have been less split lately, but right one seemed to get worse late pm.

Is cortisol secretion pattern normalising?

TTB after supper c 2½ mins.

c 50 mcg DT 2300, feeling a bit poly.

30.1.16 Slept enough/quite well with 5 mg melatonin & 25 mg diphen.

Wrists painful on rising (moderate)

Legs average

Right ear seems slightly less blocked than usual.

NU-VSU, FRM, LNG, STRGHT, SML-MED PNCS & DNCS, (S)DB def before breakfast.

Briefly poked itchy left ear with moderate vigour & depth.

TTB after breakfast c 3½ mins.

TTB after lunch c 95s. Feeling cold at times, but getting hot when moving.

c 50 mcg DT 1440, freq/poly. Feeling hungry.

Just coconut/bifido (homemade) yoghurt today, plus usual flavourings, & it was disgusting! Don’t like flavour of coconut milk anyway (at least not Alpro brand) & it had developed tapioca-like consistency with 2 solid lumps, which may have been from the agar I added to thicken it.

Right eye quite watery most of day.

NU, SMTH, SML-MED RBT/SHPDRPPNGS 1740. Forgot pre-dinner L-glutamine.

TTB after dinner c 90s.

TTB after supper c 75s.

c 50 mcg DT c 2240, feeling poly. Mild lower-back pain.

31.1.16 Similar sleep to recent-usual - sufficient overall, I think, but feeling light/shallow/often uncertain. Had had 2 x 25 mg diphen & poss 5 mg melatonin.

Right wrist hurting again early am; better after rising.

Quite weak, esp. legs, maybe a bit better after U, FRM, QWLSHPD, QSMTH, SML-MED/LRGE PNCS, SML-MED DNCS def before breakfast.

Hand slightly numb writing. Left toes curling. Otherwise OK.

SU-QU, FRM, QSMTH, SML-MED PNCS & DNCS after breakfast.

TTB after breakfast c 1 min.

Mixture of homemade coconut bifidus yoghurt & Alpro acidophilus + Streptococcus thermophilus today.

TTB after lunch c 4½ mins.

Possible new problem - longitudinal split in right middle finger - on terminal joint, palm side, which sometimes bleeds. This seems to have started during last few days. Not sure if externally caused.

Checked to here NU, SML, SML-MED PNCS (& DNCS? def 1630. (forgot to close bracket)

Right eye watering a bit again late afternoon.

Freq. all afternoon, maybe sometimes poly.

Sneezing quite a lot.

Legs tired-ish after dinner. Better during day.

TTB after dinner c 65s.

c 50 mcg DT c 2215 to reduce freq & aid sleep.

TTB after supper c 45s.

Tongue slightly sore, esp. right side (near base), tip slightly sore or numb.

Feeling of trapped wind in groin and/or lower abd.


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