Drug healing
Faith healing.
Placebo healing.
Fasting (healing)
Diet healing.
Magic healing.
Surgical healing.
No method (healing)

We have illness, we have drugs, or supplements, or diet, or surgery, or faith, or rest, or go to church, or all of the above.

We are healed.

Now tell me 100% which of the above was the healing factor?

You can't, just as I can't. I don't have the gift of knowing. I do not have the knowledge or experience to know which treatment (or if it was a combination of many treatments/therapies) worked.

You have surgery. You are given antibiotics to ward off infection. You healed. If you didn't have the antibiotics, would you die? Who knows how great is the power of mind & body (or our natural immune system).

A hundred patients might have exactly the same symptoms & diagnosis. And there might be 100 different ways to heal these hundred people.

But it's the final result that counts, HEALING, not the way it happened.

Healing is healing.

Sometimes, I wonder if people judge others through lack of understanding. There are some people who are too narrow minded to conceive the inconceivable.

Miracles do happen.

What right have any of us to determine what shape or colour those miracles must be defined by (to be classified as a miracle).

Those that "think outside the square", have the opportunity to see beyond the obvious. To think the unthinkable.

I am not religious, but I do respect those of religious faith.

And I feel Happiness for those that are healed, for whatever health condition debilitated them - their mind, body or spirit (or all three).

After all, who am I (to judge).

Who am I (to see).

I am just one drop in the ocean.

(Before we judge what is right or wrong, true or false, consider............why is one person's judgement right & one person's judgement wrong).

I was Happy on Monday, I was sad on Monday night.

Did the world change in a few hours?


It was my emotion that changed. It was the invisible emotion that was inside me. There was no obvious outside factor that influenced that change.


Hello Victoria,

Well, so far your semi-retirement is fruitful: Thank you for a thoughtful and graceful post. So true. I'm not quite sure why we always think we need to 'know and understand' as clearly there is so much in this world we cannot understand. Perhaps mankind has some kind of inborn arrogance? I don't know. Just a ponder.

I hope you found pleasure in having the time and energy to write this post and hope today is a good day.

I'm beginning to suspect that admitting I don't know is a part of healing this disease.

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