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Gut and Brain (and neck) - nearly 5 weeks after Covid start date

Normally, i can’t even skip one meal Without getting sick. During covid, I ate almost nothing for a week. I had not really appreciated that perhaps the long fast allowed some of my gut to heal but now near five weeks later I experience for the first time a return of an old gut and brain problem. So during the night last night for the first time since Covid I had coughing reflux during the night (which i normally get quite often) and in addition I had symptoms of excess sympathetic nervous activity with cold extremities sleeplessness heart pounding , wiree, and this morning more visual snow on awakening. I Find it interesting that both the gut symptoms and the sympathetic over arousal symptoms reappeared exactly the same night

Have been eating badly including things i know dont agree with me including mayonnaise made from soybean oil and kefem tea biscuits which i believe have some excitotoxins in them. Also possible the roastbeef and sweet potato fried are not digesting well (got right upper quadrant Pain after the roadt beef this time- something that happened to ne years ago and tge initisl reason i gace up red meat )

There are though also confirms besides food so there are other things that may explain the return of all symptoms great so for example if I’ve mentioned before my heart rate and my body temperature continue to very gradually reduced to pre-Covid levels so perhaps just in general my body is returning to its normal wacky metabolic state.

Ive suspected in past leaky gut may be behind some of my symptoms but there wasnt anything I could do about it.

Ive alwayd thought the Covid might be a reset button but to what reset state I didn’t know. Still dont know.
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Can you try to eat plain for a while. I know that if I go off my avoidance diet my sinuses and headaches quickly start acting up.

For instance, can you just do something like chicken and rice, oatmeal, plain fruits and vegetables?
@Judee i cant really tolerate rice. Not long grain anyway. Arborio ir sticky rice i can tolerate more. Probqbly this stuff made from long grain id guess. If you try it, poat. Loohs interestibg

Im stil eating pretty plain. Just a bit less than before. My body seems to be trying to put back the weight lost- but failing.

Guess the idea is i had a blank slate- but didn't really know what to write on it to try to avoid the same metabolic traps
Can you do white potatoes at all? I couldn't for the longest time but can tolerate them now? Avocado potato chips help with putting on weight if you can handle potato, avocado oil, and sea salt.

Just a thought. Sorry you're having such a rough go currently. :(
Can you do white potatoes at all? I couldn't for the longest time but can tolerate them now? Avocado potato chips help with putting on weight if you can handle potato, avocado oil, and sea salt.

Just a thought. Sorry you're having such a rough go currently. :(

Sweet potatoes only. (Like garnets) White potatoes have given me severe dysphagia, indigestion, and reflux starting in early. childhood Finally figured it out when i was 16 and wont touch the stuff

I can eat avocodo in moderation and soon will test if can handle avocodo mayo

I could not stop itching earlier and now I’m wondering if the symptoms I had last night and tonight or from tortillas which I haven’t had in years. But I had not realized is it in the interim trans fats were banned and so now new chemical soups have taken their place that i may be reacting to. Its like what yku said on the garlic in the other thread- There’s all these hidden chemicals to make stuff that they don’t have to list. Also has soy bean oil modified usually I can tolerate small amounts of soybean oil perhaps the chemical alterations have put it over the top.
How can I make all this food from scratch? Its so exhaustinh. You know how hard it is to make good flour tortillas? I wqnt to try to make crepes with oat milk- foubd what looks like a good recipe. So exhausting tho. I hate messing with flour
I can't do wheat flour but there is a company that does Almond flour tortillas named Siete. Amazon whole foods has their own version. Also Siete makes other versions--Casava root and another made with Chickpea but I can only have the Almond ones. (They fall apart easily but at least it's a substitute.)

For hard corn tortillas we used to get Garden of Eatin brand. I don't remember the oil they used on those. We kept them in the fridge or freezer though because with age and no preservatives they go rancid.

Oh there is a brand of sweet potato chips we used to buy too. You could maybe try those.
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@Judee. Soubds like you and I have almost no overlapping foods we eat...
Its too bad because one of the frustration) is that alot of what each of us (and there are so many of us here( have painstingly discovered arent generalizable to ohers- from foids to supplements to off label pharma

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