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"Guilty" New Song from Album

Yes, I am still working on that darned thing, that album which remains incomplete (from last summer). I figured, who knows, I better put something out while I remain capable of doing such things. A couple songs still need some editing. And then vocals are needed and necessary. So I got to sing. Something I dread doing, especially based upon my current living quarters / garage. And singing in the nursing home was a near impossibility. Then there's my voice...

Perhaps eventually I'll get this album completed and put out on Bandcamp, so I can earn a few dollars! Haha

Listener Warning: the music isn't too harsh, but it is uptempo with occasional gruff vocals. So hopefully, you're capable of gauging your ability to safely consume my media presentation

Thank you for listening. Or thank you for thinking about listening. Or even if you didn't consider listening, thanks to you! I hope you feel appreciated… at least once today. Maybe twice.



I played that!

the first part, has a Mongolian throat singing quality.

I really like the band from Mongolia (HU?). I might have to be in the right moods for it, but what else is new.

I'd list as a regret, that it appears I failed to visit Mongolia. Something about there.

Meanwhile your latest then becomes almost musical! I enjoyed that part, (keyboards?).

I was recently investigating the famous 1989 historic event, in which Jethro Tull received the very first, heavy metal Grammy, and NOT Metallica.

All that is considered some type of historic Grammy Mistake.

I was busy in 1989. (and this ME crap was playing a role in my busyness)

SEE? I'm ancient.

Back at that Grammy, what I have been unable to pin down, is if it was such a big mistake, how was the album nominated in the first place?

Shockingly, of the now handful of residual records in my current possession, from the once massive collection: I own Crest of the Knave (it won that Grammy)

so I'd like to argue that a particular song on that particular album probably contains the best heavy metal flute riff, ever recorded.

Only I have nobody to argue this point, with.

My current music investigations focus on a period of time between 1964- 1972.
Does that light ever change, Howard? OK....I have to admit that I was born in a much earlier time span.....and headlights bother me a lot, still I'm glad to see you're busy, so got for it?

Weather report from your part of the country? I hope it's going to warm up and stay that way.....even 50 degrees would be good. Yours, Lenora

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