great video by Prof De Meirleir

All about the gut, LPS, gram-negative bacteria, lactic acid, prions, serotonin, Th2 and Th14 overbalance, opportunistic infections, leaky gut, H2S and its effect on mitochondria, alcohol intolerance, antibiotic treatments, probiotics, NO, etc...


Hi, saw the date. Maybe you could also post this in a thread? It has really important material and some readers are going to miss it here. How did we miss this video for so long? Thanks again!
Hi Sushi, It says:professor Kenny De Meirleir discusses his model of Chronic Fatigue in Perth, Western Australia at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Niche Conference Room, 17 April 2010.

I didn't write a post because I assumed everyone had seen it (it is soold!). But I will make a new post right now...
I haven't seen this video just yet but there is a more recent on here on PR somewhere I think. Things have advanced a lot in the last year or two.
Thanks cigana - always good to follow KdeM's researches. Would be great to see his latest discoveries and thoughts when available too. (Being the bees knees).
Hi Alex,
Yes there is a more recent one, I nearly didn't bother posting this. But it is full of stuff I've never heard said anywhere else, and I think it's still relevant.
Yes, it is old, but he goes through some things that are fascinating, haven't changed and I haven't seen before. Well worth the time to watch it.
Just finished watching it all. Has this been posted as a thread on the boards - it would be interesting to have a wider discussion about some of the things he discusses. His view on LDN were interesting and also i was wondering if there was any more info anywhere on the large multi centre study he talks about at the end.
Wow! Extremely,extremely useful and informative! Thanks a lot for uploading this. Every GP should watch it!!!!

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