Simple things listening to music......being able to speak......prepare a simple meal. This week I have been able to some of these things. Not whenever I need or want to.... but some of the time.

Having been unable to do these things a lot of the time has made them a great gift when I can do them. Knowing that life is unpredictable and that these things might become undoable again, also increases their value. It takes a certain level of wellness to really be able to appreciate the small things and I have been too unwell to pay attention to anything much at all.

As awareness creeps back, I see with new eyes the simple things that I once upon a time took for granted.


Relearning the simple joys of life is a blessing. I hope you can keep that awareness with you and continue heal. I find that finding things to be grateful for - looking for them - is calming and can actually be wonderful at time.
I get exactly what you are saying. When one is too sick, they are blinded by simple things because it has no meaning - no context in their current life but when we get a sliver of strength, we are capable of doing little things that alluded us for a long time, we can develop a deep appreciation for the simplest thing. This is the beauty of life.
Nods so true. I think the same some times. I once told someone that having ME/CFS can be seen as a gift due to learning to appreciate more.

As you said thou unfortunately at times we can be so unwell that we cant even enjoy those simple things.

(Im currently enjoying the simple things in life :) )

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