Grateful for you

I love you all.

I was just about to take a much-needed nap, but after I had turned off the computer and began my routine of winding down I presently came to pondering how much of a blessing this community is, and, despite myself, I snuck back on here to write a post.

They say you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone, and when the forum went down it became lonely pretty quickly.

I wondered if everyone else was starting to feel disconnected, too.

Now, thanks to some very hard work from our tech guys, the forums are up again and the PR community is back to its usual multifaceted, bustling hum.

What a special place.

At times like these I'm not feeling quite up to participating; my brain is high on the "goo" rating and I don't trust myself to follow a conversation let alone reply in a manner that makes sense. And yet I'm not quite ready to pull myself away. So I sit back and simply take in the energy of this group - of people rising in defiance of their limitations to tease out scientific fact from fiction, of others opening up and falling trustfully into the support offered. One member forgets their own misery for a moment to reach out and comfort another...chatters, laughing together even though their world is falling to bits. The healthy are present too, reaching down to assist us upward with sacrifices of their own. I'm caught up in the wheels of this place turning and turning in synchronized chaos that is somehow comforting and familiar as I understand we all recognize pieces of our own lives breaking through each other's words.

What I'm grateful for today is the lot of you. :)



I am grateful also! I missed everyone! I just got back on chat, it is SO much fun there, what a great group! I am so happy we all have these forums! Full of information, help and fun.
I just had a very nice surprise! The forums are back!

Thanks you all the people that worked hard to make it happen. This is a very special place, no doubt about it.
I was so happy they got this site back up. Thanks for the hard work to get our site back up techies . I truely missed this place. I love the people here very much!

Gary K
yes, from me also! you all are important, and I missed you while the site was gone

and thanks bunches to those who worked so hard to get us back online

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