Graduation Outing

Event: Son's college graduation
Directions: Arrive early for best parking and seating. No tickets, no reserved seats.

So, because I'm so smart (read: brain damaged) I decided to go 2 hours early with elderly mother in law, who is much healthier than I am.

Arrive. Nobody there. Except loud music playing already....ouch too loud.
All seats in full 100% sun no shade.
We mark off seats and go hide in college bookstore. Ah, college bookstores. Little nostalgia trip. Art supplies. Stacks of "we're trying to change your life" books.

Back to seats. More people, more sound.

We go try to hide in one of the art gallery buildings but surprise --it's full of a master's graduation. No hiding.

Back to seats. Slather on sunscreen. The INFORMED people brought camp chairs with little awnings on them and just sat on the lawns.

I think I made it through the processional. I went and found a bench in the shade during the first couple speeches. And that was all I could take. All that walking, all those stairs, all that sun and all those sounds. Get in car, drive home, back to bed. Fortunately home & bed were about 15 min away.

Had to miss end of graduation and also dinner with son & girlfriend and her out of town family. :grumpy:

It's Tomorrow now and I'm still PEM crashed.

I guess I thought I was better and that this wouldn't happen to me anymore.
Thinking, will get in you trouble.
Well, at least he made it to graduation. Now he can go on world-cup watching binge guilt free! :balloons:


Yeah, I had a similar experience and crashed so bad afterward. Was stuck behind a group of ladies with a hairspray fetish. The cloud coming off them was choking, so I would hold my breath then get dizzy and realized I was feeling faint + nauseous. It was an endurance event. :( I ended up crashing.

Congrats to your graduate. :D
So sorry for your crash from trying to do what proud moms do. I hope you recover well.

Big Hugs to you @CedarHome.
Sounds like absolute hell. Whatever possessed them to put the chairs in full sunlight?? I mean, even whatever passes for normie health these days would find that challenging.

Thumbs up for the avoidance techniques and for lasting as long as you did!! Well done !

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