Graduating from the Forum

Hey guys, I'm leaving the forum. First because I spend too much time here, I don't have a facebook account or real life friends so it was always y'all and just y'all.

Second because I'm feeling great, I'm about to head out for a run, my first run training to get back into shape. Couch to 5K. I have no fear of PEM.

So in short, yeah it was a metabolic issue which I will probably have to carefully manage for the rest of my life.

No idea what caused it. But once I started looking into how badly our world is polluted I was shocked and horrified by what I found out. Toxins concentrate at the top of the food chain. I think we're the canary in the coal mine friends. It's going to get a lot worse unless we clean up our world.

I used Dr. Furhman's books on Diabetes and 'Eat to Live' and they have worked wonders even though sometimes I eat more fruit than veggies - I need to learn to like more veggies I guess.

My best explanation is it's like diabetes of fat -- instead of blood sugar all the time it's really attacking or affecting rather that fat / protein in the blood. Albeit again, there are a lot of paths to get to chronic fatigue, this is just mine.

But anyway...yeah careful diet is working for me but it's always going to be a management issue and something of a struggle.

Good luck everyone - love you guys - be good to yourselves and the environment **PEACE**


Great news! Congratulations and best wishes sticking with clean eating. Back to running, WOW!

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