GP appointment and back on the Merry Go Round

I made an appointment to see my GP and go through some stuff with him. In the meantime a genuine Godly person had emailed offering me the money to see a Cardiologist privately. There are some people in this world who are the real deal.
I've had the shiveries for a few days on the trot now and it's driving me nuts.
Last night I woke up to horrible tackycardia and arrythmias.
Today I saw the GP and tried not to overwelm the poor man with what's happening. I was healthier today than he's usually seen me.
He decided that the shiveries should wait until I've been to the epileptic clinic in Oct.

He commented on my tacky and I said "That's just me." He knew. He's never taken a pulse that was normal.
I explained that I had been reading the research, and bless him, he said, "I don't blame you."
I showed him the results of my poor man's POTS test. (supine 88 sitting 100, standing 126)
He had a look at my POTS rash. It was spectacular even by my standards. There was no way any doctor could have dismissed that rash. My ankles and legs were nicely odemetous as well. (Not the kind of legs a lady should be showing to any man!).

He didn't want to refer me privately, but he has agreed to refer me to a Cardiologist who knows about POTS.

I am not raising any hope about this. I have been on this Merry Go Round so often and have been dismissed and disregarded. But I'll jump through this hoop and then see if he'll refer me to a private cardio because, sadly, that will be the only way to get any help as far as I can see.

I just want to be well enough for my son's wedding to his lovely fiance. I don't want to be an embarrasment - just a normal kind of cripple, just for a day or so.


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