Gotta love getting an 8lb, 3.6kg, railroad book in the mail.

Gotta love getting an 8lb, 3.6kg, railroad book in the mail. :)
Had been wanting a copy for a good number of years; at beginning of month found one on Amazon being sold by Friends of San Francisco Public Library for about $32 including shipping.
Okay, yeah, my 11 dollars a month below the poverty level Social Security Disability income can finance that A LOT better than it can finance the listed price.
600 plus pages of high quality clay coated paper. Nice.

Now, if only I still had the health to build models any time I wanted to …

About the author;

As soon as he graduated he got an internship position as a museum aide at the Smithsonian Institution. His early years at the Smithsonian Institution were spent working on ship models for Howard I. Chapelle, the curator of transportation. His internship was extended from time to time until his position as made permanent in 1960, when he became an associate curator in the Land Transportation Section. From 1961 until 1966 he was an associate curator of railroads at the Museum of History and Technology (renamed the National Museum of American History, curator from 1967–1985, and senior historian from 1986 until his retirement in 1989.
And it got here just in time to take to look at while Nan is having PT today. :)

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