Good things!

So I haven't blog in a while. I was trying to give the immunovir start up side effects some time to stop. And like the first time it got better 10days into it. I am more stable emotionally, decided not to blog in those 10 days because my emotions were allover the place.

I slowly have gotten better. Not sure what is working but I have changed a few things. They changed my CPAP settings and increased Sleep meds, that has been a blessing, today I woke up feeling great. Some burning on head as soon as I took the imunovir this morning but overall very good.

I went to Dinner, then play mini golf and to the batting cage!!! So I was out from 6pm to 10pm, also had gone to the mall earlier w family!!!. Sunday went to a Party at a friends house. Living again is priceless!

So I am on Dr Rey protocol + florinef+Rich + AHCC (when I remember).

Also started to diet, Lost 6 pounds first week!! Broke diet on weekend but Started again today. 24pounds to go!!!
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I get the test end of Nov and I get results back on 6 weeks so about beginning of Jan. Will do!

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