Good Days and Hope

I have had a couple of good days and I want to share them with you. I may not be so descriptive, but instead, just talk of how happy I am to have a couple of good days. I am trying new therapies and I am sure that has something to do with it. I will mention them first. I am doing peptide amino acid shots. For anyone who doesn't know what they are, they are shots for allergies. They were developed in Germany. I showed the right missing sequence through blood work and I am a match. They are expensive and are supposed to help with food allergies. I have had 2 so far and I can tell you that my rash, eczema, went away and I have had ice cream 3 times in one week along with other foods that have soy or things I am allergic to. Normally, milk causes me to be on the john and on top of that, the cramp it causes is awful. Haven't had any of that. NO ALLERGIES. NONE. No benadryl and no being up all night with some scratching and anxiety. I can't believe it. I am severely allergic to things including my hormones.

The other treatment I am doing is Avipaxin, which is for brain inflammation and pain. It helps to boost the mood and my fibro has not been as bad. I feel more with it mentally. This last period was not that bad. I could still keep up, not quite as much, but I didn't become so disabled from it. I am also taking milk thistle for the liver. I put it in a tea made of green tea minus the caffeine. I have also gone back to taking Folapro and B-12. Perque.

So, my friend Janis B came to visit from Ohio and we went to NYC. I was not too well and the next day after NYC, I was completely out of it. But, the day after that, I was good! I had to go to Atlantic City because I was doing a jewelry selling event at Caesar's. I drove there, did the event and that was a good day. That was Thursday. Friday I was not so good but not horrible. I was able to sit out by the pool at Caesar's and then I went onto the beach. I slept really soundly on Friday night and Saturday I went to the beach for the entire day. I was able to sit in the sun for 4 hours, go into the ocean 3 times and I took a long walk on the beach. Then, I drove home in a lot of traffic.

As I was lying on my beach towel, I felt happy and I could fantasize about things. What I want for the future. I have not been able to do that for awhile. The day was glorious with a breeze and it wasn't too hot. The ocean was cold but once I got in I loved it. Many jellyfish though. In fact, they were everywhere and they were clear with an amber color in the middle. I have never seen that before. I took a walk where I walked along the ocean so that I was really working my legs and feet. I feel like I rarely exercise.

Last night I was exhausted and I thought that today, Sunday, I would be too beat to do anything. Guess again! I woke up today after 8 hours of decent sleep and I put a wash in. Then, I decided to drive into the city by myself and see the movie "City Island" with Andy Garcia. Loved it. I had great parking which is also unusual for Philly. I looked good too. Makeup, jewelry, hair done and smelling good. I know this sounds crazy to mention, but many of us know how hard it is to do all of that. After the movies, I went to South street and hung out at Whole Foods and ate outside. Then, I came home after grocery shopping and did another load of laundry. I also painted my toe nails and nails! HOLY CRAP...right? That is a lot. I don't usually do this much. Something has changed.

So, yeah. I have had some better days. More energy and not so down. Here's hoping it sticks. When you have this kind of energy, you just want to keep going so I am trying to keep it at bay. I would really like to work more. BUT, I did give myself off for this summer and things are turning around.

Just an update. Some hope. Some hope not just for me, but for all of us.


It sounds like you're on good treatments. I agree with treating the allergies and the inflammation. I think we're just so hypersensitive and that is a great way to attack it.
Thanks Carrigon. Allergies for me have been huge since being a kid and I never really thought they could make one so sick, but for me it sure has. Neurologically has been the worst and the brain fog. I really believe now that addressing that and detoxing on a small scale is huge. As in moving at a snails pace in detoxing.
Sounds very positive, Spitfire,

I like hearing members talk about the good days. Gives one a sense of Hope for the future, as well as boosting the immediate (mind, body & spirit).

The beach excursion sounds wonderful too. Hope the good days continue for you.
Cool. Tell us more about the peptide shots when you get a chance. I recall you mentioning you were going to get them!
They are shots that replace a missing amino acid that I am lacking. All I know is, once you get them, things start falling back in place. Mine are specifically for allergies to food and other things. The next one after months of this one, will be for hormones. I can eat again. I have no stomach pain. NONE. It's fantastic and I feel really hopeful. They originated in Germany and only a few docs here are doing them. Anyone can PM me for more info. There isn't a lot about it on the web because they are like stem cells. Not FDA approved.
Yes, great to hear your story of improvement and potential recovery! I know a woman who was ill for 17 years, including 2 years bedridden, 7 years housebound, yet recovered completely, and has gone back to school -- and is raising a baby with her partner. A large part of her recovery was also dealing with a huge food intolerance problem -- she was so sensitive to a variety of foods AND the normal bacteria that would grow on them that for about a year or so she couldn't even eat LEFTOVERS from a previous meal. Good luck Spitfire...take it slow and's very very tempting to think everything is okay, esp after feeling so poorly for so long.

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