Giving thanks....

If I'm going to lament and complain here...then I also need to express my gratitude to God. In the last week I have experienced great relief from pain and fatigue. I am grateful for the medications available, for a wise physician who realizes when they need to be changed, and for those who develop therapies that help. I'm thankful for the energy to help my eight-month pregnant daughter get settled in her new home. And I thank God for a husband who loves me, no matter what, and for wonderful friends who do the same!

My prayer is that even on the worst days, I will be thankful for Jesus' never-ending love and that, even though I may not sense His presence in the moment, He has promised never to abandon me.

One more thing...I am thankful that gratitude lifts my soul, even when my body is weak and in pain, because it reminds me that God remembers me. I pray I never hesitate to believe that!


I'm SO delighted to hear about the big improvements you're having!!!
Hooray for Him!

Today I'm feeling grateful for the beautiful picture framed by my window... the snow is sparkling and everything is white and glittering. And I'm grateful for my heating pad. And my laptop. And my cozy comforter. Visits from friends last week. My sweet talented kiddoes. My loving hubby. And that God loves me even when I can't get out there and "save the world" like I wish I could. :)
where is my brain?? :rolleyes: i did read your, already read my blog! thanks for the comment!! :thumbsup:

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