Getting rid of ME: a very personal plan

I got so fed up with being ill. It's not just that I can't stand any longer feeling unwell and fatigued all the time, the inability to do the things I enjoyed doing. I can't stand any longer looking at the years of my life passing by without having being lived in a more fulfilling way. Add to that the fact that financially I've started to worry a lot about not being able to contribute to a decent pension and already had nightmares of being in old age, homeless and alone. Somehow I have to get back to a level of functionality that allows me back to work.

The question then was how to do remedy that. I tried so many ways of getting better, wasted a lot of my hard earned savings with little or nor improvements to show for. I did not know where to turn.
Towards the end of last year, out of the blue I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine about a project I wanted to undertake a few years before I fell ill. His words of wisdom, summarized, were more or less: what do you want to achieve? do you have a plan? do you have a timescale to get there? etc.
It occurred to me that in the years of trying, not very successfully, to recover from ME, I had never thought about making a plan and all the rest.
Which was odd as I knew about project management in my line of work. It must have been the brain fog effect.
I thought that could have been the cause of all my failures at getting well.

Anyhow, after trawling the internet and this site for months, as well as speaking to a couple of others ME sufferers, I think I've got a "try-and-rid-of-ME" plan in my head. I just need some motivation to put it down on paper, execute it and keep records of what's happening.
Since falling ill, I kind of lost that part of me that was disciplined and methodical. So I thought of starting something here that, hopefully, will keep me motivated.
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I'm curious to learn more about your plan. I share your feelings about wanting to be rid of this thing!

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