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Getting ready to go after enteroviruses (Coxsackie viruses)

I had a positive lab test result for enteroviruses (Coxsackie B1,5,6) in the past as well as Chia's cocksackie sign of chronic tenderness at McBurney's point (RLQ) and I'm going to start taking supplements that will hopefully remove them. I also found out that coxsackie virus has been reported in the literature as being a cause of pericarditis which is a disease I developed years after getting ME and shortly after getting Systemic Lupus Erythematosis. Current protocols are heavy on oxymatrine (Sophora) supplement however this supplement blocks caspase-3 apoptosis so it would interfere with the HHV6 regimen. The most recommended protocol is Dr. Chia's expensive Equilibrant one ($116 per month) and I seriously considered it but given that I have really good appetite sensing for supplements I decided to avoid it because it is heavy on oxymatrine and contained olive leaf extract and vitamin D and A which are all strong antioxidants (also anti-apoptosis). So I reformulated Chia's supplement and will begin testing it in two weeks when the supplements arrive. If I get a good response I'll bulk order more ingredients from China. Chia typically gets a 50% cure rate with patients treating for 1 yr so by improving the apoptosis I'm expecting good results. Wish me luck.


I absolutely wish you luck and hope you get some good results. It great that you are able to fine tune a regimen to your needs.
Thanks Eddie. The apoptosis pain is just at what I can handle, legs, hands, heels. Big energy drain. I'll get through it but ugh.
Definitely. I have a new blog entry with the latest updates. I'm happy with the current regimen and getting better.

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