Getting custom suggestions from 16s Results (ubiome)

There is a lot of uncertainty in modifying an ill microbiome. This starts with selecting the bacteria you want to change, see this post Steeing the species that may need correction to whether something actually modifies a bacteria without causing undesirable side-effects. You cannot be blinkered to a single bacteria because there are a large number of interactions between different bacteria (often across orders)
The Advance Suggestions page allows you to refine how suggestions are generated and what you are willing to do to modify your microbiome. For example, some people may not wish to do antibiotics (or have MDs that will not prescribe); others may be vegans.

Only a few choices are needed

After selecting which 16s Sample to use, you need to pick which way you want your bacteria to be selected as explained in Seeing the species that may need correction.

The next item determines how fine you want the suggestions to be. Let me explain, some suggestions are based on reports of a suggestion impact on a Family or an Order as a reporting unit. If you go to a lower level, you will get less suggestions and they will be more specific to specific bacteria. It’s a trade-off. If you get no suggestion, try moving to a higher level.

The next step is whether you want to include literature reports that a specific bacteria was significant for a specific condition. If you have a condition, then this will increase the odds of the right bacteria being picked. The number of bacteria will likely decrease, and number of suggestions too. There is a long list of conditions:

The next is a list of categories of suggestions that you can filter to. Everything is checked by default. Uncheck the items that you are not interested in.

The last choices limit the items displayed to the best and worst suggestions. In some situation, more than a hundred items were reported with the old process. You can still see all if you want… but this is intended to just shown the best.
Last, when you click, the report will be shown in a NEW WINDOW OR TAB in your browser. This allows you to compare different combinations against each other.
Some sample reports are below:

Oops too many antibiotics, so I uncheck some choices.

Antibiotics disappear and other things appear…What! No coffee!!!

You can also see how suggestions changes between sample. Once you have a good set of filters, just change the sample and you will see what the older sample would produce.


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