Getting better or Just an illusion

I have more stamina overall, I have been doing more with family on weekends but I get this small crashes too.

I am wondering if I am really getting better, or if by just doing nothing, I don't feel bad as much. I am concerned about the progression of the disease and If I am going to get to my before crash level again.

I have been asking the veterans CFSrs if the intensity of the symptoms gets harder with time, they say they just changed symptoms overtime. I guess it is impossible for me to think about living like this for much longer. I guess what keeps us going is the next doctor appointment, the next thing to try. That is how I have managed the past 5 years, but when I think this as my future, it looks pretty sad and intolerable but I guess one issue at a time.

IBS is still gone, I got 2 episodes when I used regular milk (interesting). So milk is banned again.

GREAT NEWS: My head thingy buzz, inflammation feeling has almost disappear, I am wondering if it is the vitamin powder, the CPAP or the break from the Imunovir, it will be interesting to see if it gets worse once I start the Imunovir again.


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