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Does anyone know results of the trial that DeMeireir conducted? What are his patients' experiences with gcmaf? I know he said in that video on youtube that one of his patients was doing much better after 10 weeks on gcmaf, but what about the rest? Supposedly he got 90 injections from Yamamoto


GC van de MAF Noakes NIET werken. Hij heeft geen medisch personeel. Hij heeft geen medische of besmettelijke ziekte deskundigen voor HIV.
Zijn gc MAF scd4 snel af. Koop geen GC MAF Noakes.
Yamamoto lijkt alleen te werken, maar niet alle.
Niet iedereen. Zie Yamamoto en Roger Conferentie in Wenen 2010.
U Carla NL Geen garanties door zekerheden op GC-MAF Yamamoto.
Ok, I'll try to translate this as even the Dutch is not origial. I think it came from Italian.

The GcMAF from David Noakes does not work.
In addition he has no medical staff or infectious disease specialist (eg HIV) on his team.
CD4 cells dropped quickly when on this gcmaf
Yammamoto's seems to work from what we hear, but not on everyone.
See the video on Marco Ruggiero regarding his publication in Vienna on GcMAF and genetic issues (see front page Diagnose Support)

Then there's my name, i honestly do not know how that came in there. Perhaps she/he wanted to ask me a question?

Last one: Even with Yamamoto's gcmaf there are no guarantees.
Thank you Carla for all the info. What I don't understand is why the "real" gcmaf doesn't work on everyone. I know Ruggiero said the MAF response depends on each individual's genetics, but is there a way for us to know if it can work for us or not before we buy it? I wouldn't like to spend a fortune on the 12+ injections only to realize gcmaf can't work for me.
Btw, I know you said each injection costs $1000. It's not really true. Doctors sell it at that price. If you order it directly from pps company it's $600.
I hate it that it's so expensive and we don't get any guarantees.
I wonder if Ruggiero's paper on gcmaf will be available for download soon. He seems to have conducted a trial recently. Did he manage to cure anyone and duplicate Y's results?
Also, Yamamoto never mentioned genetics as a limitation of gcmaf. Only anemia.
Genetics does seem to be an issue, that's what Ruggiero found out. He's not working with patients i think (in the sense as Yamamoto's research was) but more technical, monitoring much more than just nagalase. From that he concluded there are some individuals who do not respond. That will be published in his paper. They are currently working on a way to make the non responders respond. This research has been done in collaboration with Yamamoto, possibly even by initiation of Yamamoto.

The production company only sells to doctors. It's still to much. There are ways to test the effectivity and activity of the GcMAF. Those tests will be performed on the Dutch production this week. If it's good it can go out. Much more reasonable prices.

12 injections won't be enough. For HIV it's set at 18, EBV at 35.... go figure. I think after one starts on gcmaf, and the body starts to act more normal, in many cases underlying issues will evolve to become more appareant and will have to be dealt with. That can be anything. Just see gcmaf as the one who clears out the clutter so non-immune related issues are left. that might be a heart problem, something neurological etc. And it might be that without addressing tht problem, gcmaf won't be curative, only supportive.

Some think a combo of stemm cell transplant, G-csf's and gcmaf will be curative over time. If you know how long it takes before a transplant is fully effective and you have to use gcmaf for the duration as well, go figure.

For many gcmaf will be a long term drug, which is why it is important to have a source with a reasonable price out there. Especially if that source can provide equal quality. And even if not, use that one while seeing if it could work, fix other issues and when ur up and running and have a job to pay for it, get the real stuff.

Moonwalker: although i see some logic, do you happen to know exactly why anemia patients were excluded?
thanks Carla!
So Rugiero has never done any long trials? I didn't know that. I wonder what percentage of the patients are non responders. David Noakes wrote on his web site that his gcmaf works on only 20% of their patients so far - and they're all cancer patients.
As for the effectivity tests, I don't know what to think of them. David said his product was tested for effectivity too and everyone seems to think it's not very good.

I didn't make myself clear about my 12 injections comment. Yamamoto says gcmaf works better if given intravenously. He thinks 8-12 injections should suffice for hiv. As you probably know, in all his papers so far he talked about IM injections.

I've no idea why anemic patients were excluded. I think I read somewhere that low monocyte count isn't good either. Presumably because macrophages are derived from them
Hi Moonwalker,

I think the responders to David's product are those that also use other means Whether that be chemo, DCA, etc. The fact that it doesn't work for viruses to me is a very clear sign it won't work for anyone of us here, as viruses are our main burden.

Yes, i know IV works stronger. Some still do IM because "it was said so" or they are afraid of infection during IV administration, but i feel a very clear difference when doing it IV.

I'm looking into G-Csf's, possibly they can help with some cell count issues.

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