Garlic: Virus-Killer; Libido-Booster

Yes, I'm going to talk about sex in this post, because one of our challenges is that this hideous virus not only diminishes our libido, but sometimes completely wipes it out. But I'm also going to discuss what I've found to be one of the best remedies for that part of our symptoms list, which also turns out to be also one of the best natural virus killers out there.

My first experience with eating raw garlic came in the form of a prank some 20 years ago, when I lived in L.A. I think primarily to show off his fluent Hebrew to me, a friend of mine who had just returned from a 2-year gig in Israel took me to a local Israeli restaurant in the Valley. He insisted that I let him order for the both of us, and although the restaurant owners spoke perfect English, except for one comment, for this "show" they dialogued in their native tongue. So I had no idea what I had ordered, or was about to eat. Big mistake.

Handing me my bowl, the owner grinned as he asked me, "You married?" "Yes, why?" I replied, but he decided that instead of answering me he would kiss his wife, who was also working behind the counter in the tightest slacks I've seen since Mary Tyler Moore debuted on the Dick Van Dyke show. He also grabbed a part of her anatomy that made her swat his hand away, but she was giggling while he did it. "Geez," I thought to myself, "no wonder King David and King Solomon had so many problems with women!" I looked at my friend Mark for a clue but he just motioned for us to sit down and start eating.

As I took the first big forkful of what appeared to me to be rice, lentils, and some chopped nuts, I couldn't help but notice my friend Mark and the entire restaurant staff all staring at me in expectation. No longer was Mr. horny romantic restaurantuer fixated on his wife - now his eyes were fixed on me. "I guess they think I'm really going to like this dish" I naively thought to myself as I began to eat. After chewing the "nuts" for a couple seconds, the realization of what really was going on hit me too late. These were not peanuts or almonds I was masticating, these were raw cloves of Israeli garlic, and everyone was in on the joke except me!

Let me tell you right off what I learned the hard way. Chewing raw garlic is a shocking, extremely torturous dietary experience. As my tongue felt the heat of these burning embers dancing around my mouth, my brain went into fight-flight and I reached for the water faster than you could say "Mazeltov." With my friend laughing his "tuchas" off, I looked to the proprietor for help.

"What did you put in this dish, raw garlic?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes, of course," he replied matter of factly, grabbing the waste of his beautiful wife or girlfriend, "but don't worry. The fire in your mouth now will turn to fire in your pants later. It is a very passionate spice!"

Still unable to speak for laughter, my friend simply nodded and spurted out, "It's true. Scientifically proven!"

Now let me tell you two things about that. First of all, if garlic is a libido booster, which I tend to think it might be, you still have to remember that most women, including my precious wife, don't get that turned on when your entire body smells like it spent a week in Tony Soprano's mouth. Trust me, fire in the pants not withstanding, if my wife can't stand to kiss me, she isn't going to be inclined to do anything else. And eating raw garlic like I did at that restaurant left me smelling rank for about 3 days, no joke.

But secondly, this disease that we fight and labor against every day affects us adversely in many ways, including often wrecking our natural libido, neurally. This has been documented and published in many places, and many patients have confirmed it to me personally. It only makes sense - when you feel like you have the flu, can't think straight, or have excruciating muscle or body aches, sex usually isn't at the top of your list. Ask Maslow.

But because these viruses that are activated in us are in the CNS, and affect our brains, we also sometimes have some "circuitry problems" with our neurotransmitters. I mean, sometimes, the connection just doesn't work, if you get my drift.

My father-in-law visited me recently and couldn't believe how non-plussed I was, literally unaffected, by all the women around my life right now. Except for my main physician, who I rarely see, almost everyone at the clinic is female, patients and nurses alike. My neurotherapists are women. I live in a condo that has 80% single women in it. When I go to the gym it's almost all women. And none dresses conservatively.

My father-in-law asked me, "How do you handle it?"

I tried to explain to him, that truthfully, thanks to this disease, I have zero attraction to any of them at all - no thoughts, no desires, no "movement." He couldn't believe it, but that is the way it is. So that part I guess is a blessing in disguise. No temptation if Bathsheba happens to be showering on the roof next door.

But then when it comes to the times I want the libido to work, on those occasions when I don't feel wasted and my gorgeous wife is wearing those sexy pajamas and flashes me that million dollar smile, I found it actually can be resurrected, tactilely. As long as she gazes into my eyes, connects with my soul, and kisses me as only she can, my brain and body seem to respond.

If I've taken garlic that day I get two benefits.

The main one for me is that it makes me feel better, by retarding the viruses that are raging in my body. When you are on the Ampligen trial, you can't take any other anti-viral meds; but you can take raw garlic! I just completed my 20th treatment, and just about everyone I know who is or was on Ampligen uses garlic, and most cancer patients and survivors know about its antiviral properties. That the National Cancer Institute recommends it only underscores what most of us have learned experiencially- garlic kills viruses that hurt us. You can read more about that here, and here, and here. Whenever I take it, my body feels better. My muscles ache less, the flu-like symptoms diminish, and my sore back actually gets relief.

But also, it does seem to help with the libido. The secret is figuring out how to take raw garlic, and have it not affect your breath, so that he or she will still want to kiss you. Here's the routine I've developed thanks to my wife's detailed coaching:
1. "Drink" the garlic like a shot of tequila- stir the chopped raw garlic in a shot of milk and "throw" it back, down your throat, past your tongue as much as possible;
2. Brush you teeth and tongue no less than five times before attempting anything romantic.
3. After each brushing use a good rinse of Listerine Orange flavor.
4. After each mouthwash rinse gargle with fresh water.

If you follow this procedure you may find that you are feeling better not only because the garlic has sent the viruses into retreat mode, but also because "the fire in your mouth has turned to fire in your pants!"


59 views so far and no comments. Well I'll make one - Another great job Kelvin! anyone else think it's warm in here? [ turns on the fan]
Kelvin, garlic is one of the worst things anyone suffering from CFIDS/ME induced POTS can ever ingest. It lowers blood pressure, and it will do so up to several days after eating it. It will trigger a severe POTS low blood pressure attack. It can make a person who suffers from POTS become bedridden or chairbound unable to stand for more than a few seconds at a time. I ought to know, I've experienced it first hand.

I'm glad it helped you, but for others of us, it's almost deadly. It's a guaranteed way to keep yourself severely disabled if you suffer from POTS/NMH/Dysautonomia. It will drop that blood pressure and keep it dropped, keeping the patient incredibly ill.
Do "deodorized" garlic capsules have the same effect? I'm thinking that the foul-smelling sulfur is also the antiviral/antibacterial, so maybe that's removed away go the benefits.

How about juicing the unprocessed stuff and mixing the the juice, pulp, and something to fix the flavor together? Thus you could drink the stuff quickly without it getting into the teeth. I suppose one's skin would still exude garlic.

It may be dangerous...and being sick is dangerous. To my mind, wasting away until death is rather more dangerous.
I think it's worth trying starting with small amounts to find if the benefits outweigh the blood pressure effects. It probably varies quite a bit per individual and what state of ME one is in that day.
Thanks Kelvin! I love garlic. I have tried this and it rips up my GI tract. I have horrible GERD. Maybe the pills are a better way to go. My libido is gone for the most part. I was so happy because last week I had a sex drive for 7 days straight....but no one to practice with! ; ) Go figure!
Here in the UK, a lot of us are using garlic. When I started a regime of raw garlic with breakfast, lunch and dinner, my pain levels soon reduced, and I no longer use pain meds.

Hummus and garlic vinagrette dressing are good sources. You can mix chopped garlic with peanut butter, and it makes it palatable. Chopped up it can be sprinkled on whatever. Perhaps not chocolate mousse...

It is important that it is fresh - I can tell, when eating two-day-old hummus (I make my own, tell me if you want the recipe) that it's not active any more. It gets a bit monotonous after a while, so I started buying garlic capsules to vary the diet, taking capsules sometimes instead, BUT the active ingredient, Allicin, is unstable, and to keep it's benefits, only the freeze dried capsules work. I buy AllicinMax, and Allimed are the stronger version.

I read somewhere that the garlic perfume effect wears off after a while, but the real answer is to make sure your loved ones eat garlic too, then there isn't a problem.

Garlic is the thing that is helping me most of all :D

edit: If you have a sensitive stomach, and many of us do, be careful if you want to try this. I can't take garlic, fresh or capsules, on an empty stomach. I have them with food, eating a bit, then taking the garlic, then eating a bit more.... Taken on it's own, it can burn a hole in your tummy.

Oh yeah - Kevin's right about the libido thing.
I like Kyolic Liquid garlic which does not repeat on your breath when I have a cold or flu. I eat a lot of garlic powder and cooked garlic. I've tried raw garlic for months at a time before but it didn't help me in any way that I noticed. We do all react differently to substances and with CFS, what works on ya one time may not work the next but I think you should definitely keep doing what does work for you.
Amusing (but serious) article, Kelvin, thank you.

I've been an afficionado of raw garlic eating for over 20 years, and have been aware of its antiviral properties. Although, I haven't heard about the libido enhancement - certainly works as a good prophylactic if only one partner indulges, but as Martlett says, easily solved by eating the same dish...although I often find myself chopping extra raw garlic on top (as well as the whole chilis - think it's all part of my endorphin addiction, which I can't feed with exercise anymore!!),

Now, over the last couple of years I've been taking allicin capsules. My understanding is that as soon as raw garlic is chopped, the allicin breaks down and becomes ineffective. Recently they claim to have found a way of stabilising the allicin, so this is what I take. What I've found is that it reduces the frequency and severity of the chest infections I am prone to, so seems to work well.

Due to cost I only take one capsule a day, then maybe three when I have an infection. Might be interesting to see whether high dose allicin could be effective for XMRV...or is that extreme wishful thinking........although I'm looking forward to sustaining that 3 hour erection if nothing else

Disclaimer : As some have said, maybe not right for everyone......choose your poison wisely.
As you surely know, we eat a lot of garlic in Spain traditionally. Foreigners used to criticize us for this because of the smell and breath, but it is trendy everywhere now a days. Still, garlic is disgusting for many, even in Spain. I also used to hate it til I got older.

We fry garlic and onion (and green pepper sometimes) on some olive oil and salt as a flavoring to add to many foods. We call it "sofrito". This sofrito thing is really basic and added to meals almost every day. Meat, potatoes, fish, vegetables... almost any stew will have it.

However, what I recommend most if you like garlic is to drink "Gazpacho". It is this cold "soup" that every Spanish home has in the fridge in the summers. It is basically a pure of tomatoes, onions, green pepper, cucumber, dry bread, vinegar, salt and lots of garlic. I love it very strong, very garlic and onion taste.

You breath is a killer for some hours but it feel incredibly good and energizing. We really drink it almost every day in the summer, just in glasses from the fridge or as a soup with pieces of dry bread, onion, cucumber, tomato and pepper. Just see here how it looks. Give it a try garlic lovers ;)
Of all the suggestions I have to say the most appetizing and least offensive is the "Gazpacho" idea, MNC. I learned to love a form of this in Arizona but only in Spain did we taste the real deal, with the garlic content to which you refer. Interestingly, we never sensed garlic breath on any Spaniards, at least in the North around Santander. Maybe the garlic is different there?
Well, it's not something you notice every day, but definetely you do in your partner or someone a bit close after eating gazpacho or ali-oli potatoes (potatoes in garlic & parsley mayonnaise sauce). It's really disgusting. I don't think the garlic is different here, I have lived or passed by many european countries and it was basically the same.

In any case, Gazpacho is from Andaluca, the South, and Santander is the green and rainy horth. Although Gazpacho is eaten everywhere, the recipes vary a bit. Maybe in Santander they like it softer with less garlic and onion.

I used to prepare it by liters on summer but now I just buy it made. It is not the same but it's just ready and even cheaper that home-made: alvalle&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi

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