Today I continued the exercise release regimen. I did it at the lower and upper throat area and a strange thing happened, it triggered gagging. Early on in my CFS I had dysphagia with difficulty swallowing. So I know this is an affected area. While weird and a little uncomfortable I see this as a sign that I am targeting an important area. My singing voice has been getting stronger which I am very excited about.


Well, that exercise is obviously on-point in some way. Triggering a release?
You may not be into this as it's slightly "woo-woo" but there are purported to be energy centres in the body, from anus to crown of the head, named "chakras" or energy-vortices.
The throat chakra is connected with "the voice" however that may be interpreted (not only the physical voice but the self-expression of an individual, and their creative force.)
Chakras can be under or over-active, and can be blocked by past emotional traumas, conditionings etc.
I don't know all about this stuff. It's not my field of study really -I only have a smattering of knowledge about it.
It is interesting anyway, however we can relate to it or feel about it.

How nice to hear you are a singer!:)
I'm not a good singer, it was just something I enjoyed pre-CFS. I don't buy the chakra thing. The releases are maintaining the progress and I'm getting much stronger in the areas I'm treating. This improvement is much more than I could ever do pre-treatment. Best.
I had about 2-3 months of severe gagging. Are you out of this pattern now? I had several class 4 laser treatments to help the nervous system and muscles to let go and find a better swallow/tongue resting patterns.

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