I got one that holds air. I will write more later.

The best thread about g-suits is http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/life-upright-good-bye-oi.2963/
This also has g-suit discussion: http://forums.phoenixrising.me/inde...on-garments-for-orthostatic-intolerance.2715/

For anyone looking, I found this possible source which has a good price: http://www.omahas.com/pilots-anti-g-suit-csu-3p
$49.50 plus $11.95 shipping, about $50-75 cheaper than FlightHelmet. However I don't know if these will hold air. I did not buy from this source.

Update 1:

I have only worn it for 5 minutes at a time to check fitting. I want to find out if this will help, but this "fitting" step is tiring.

When I first got it, I was puzzled why fitting would be difficult. Must have been brain fog. Now I have readjusted the suit 4 times and I am not done.

One problem is the lacing at the shins/calves won't go tight enough. I have it tightened as much as I can, and it seems like I need it smaller. So I may need to wear something around my calves to add bulk.

The other problem is the side loops are unraveled at 2 or 4 places that I need them. You would have to see to know what I mean. This makes the waist not tight enough. This may take time to fix.

My suit might have a tiny leak.

The first suit I had leaked. The mildew scent of it was bothersome. Anyone with chemical sensitivity should be forwarned and have good ventilation. Or better, have someone clean it for you.


Wondering 6 months later how this went...thinking of trying this myself (compression tights and florinef don't work, next step midodrine and maybe girdle/binder.

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