Full Regimen (OMLS) Round Two

After four rest days off the cell growth inhibiting apoptosis supplements (CGIAS) I got ancy to restart. Tissue healing takes at least 3 days for light wounds so I figure that 4 days is reasonable to jump back in. I am back on the full formula that includes the oxymatrine-like supplement which I will refere to as OMLS. Again, oxymatrine was found to inhibit caspase 3 apoptosis which is what prompted the substitution. The left trigger point is about 50% improved and I've been treating it with shoulder exercises and cross friction massage over the upper trapezius muscle.

Dosing for the CGIAS was at the same level where it was stopped, about 50% decreased from the start so if this trends similarly I'll need 2-3 more cycles to finish.

So far neck pain is gone and left knee pain is greatly reduced.

Initial feeling back on the CGIAS is nausea and warmth over abdomen, shoulders and lower neck at lateral edges. Fatigue is rising which I would expect given the immune response. Inflammed toes areas have apoptosis burning at 11:27 AM. Here we go.
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At 11 hours post restart getting intense burning pain over dorsum of right metacarpals and deep right shoulder muscles (supporting my hypothesis that inflammation is the trigger point generator). Restart vicodin PRN for pain.
I really like how the upper shoulders have warmed up post CGIAS treatment. It seems to be speeding up healing of those trigger points as well. :)
Rib periosteal pain is back now at 24 hours but it's only distributed over half as much area so it look like they're healing too. So glad @Hip got me to try treating enterovirus. Making a big difference.
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OMG metacarpals, neck, armpits (axilla), and mid upper back are very sensitive now. That only took 36 hours. Wow, speedy apoptosis record.

I can now take a deep breath to about 80% before feeling any rib pain. That's a big increase (previously was 50%),

Still sleeping a lot but the intensity of the energy crash isn't as severe as it previously was (cylical between 50% and decreased 20%). Very good sleep quality.

If this keeps going linearly four cycles should do it (now on cycle 2).
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I found a chemotherapy for EBV infected tumors that is based on almost the same idea that I am doing for ME. It will be interesting if we can find a drug regimen that simplifies treatment but that will take funding and a few years to accomplish. So far I have to use a lot of supplements to pull it off. We use what's available.

Progress moving along well. Metatarsals much better with less burning. Insteps of feet, left biceps muscle and suboccipital attachments for trapezius muscle are burning today. Big energy drain. Need to sleep for recovery.

Feet are closer to normal.


The insoles of my feet are almost painless and now feel humming inside them. This is part of apoptosis. The nerves now have to normalize. They aren't used to the missing cells that died. The areas tighten as scar tissue forms.
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Had some acute cramping of the forefeet today around 8 pm when napping. Always best to stretch them gently and not let them fully contract. I've noticed this before in previously inflammed tissue. Not very concerned about it.
Forced myself to do some shopping because of expiring coupons then had a long 4 hr nap. Love getting 25% off organic (non GMO) chicken (bought three to freeze @ $1.75 per lb) and bought 4 packages of dark chocolate.

Can now take a deep breath to 90% before feeling rib pain. Gained 10%. Good progress.

Noticed one side effect, nails are more prone to breakage at ends. Not that big of a deal.
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Now four days into 2nd cycle. Appetite is reduced for new CGIAS supplement mix Wednesday night so still continuing until max 7 day period or appetite disappears. Sleeping a lot for energy regain. Probably going to shift to rest period. Had some moderate difficulty swallowing but only about 40% of worst. Bowel movements looking much better-instead of thin short pieces now getting long, normal looking bowel movements and abominal discomfort reduced about 40% also.
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Ok, started cycle on 8/14 and now have low energy and no CGIAS appetite so I'm switching to rest/recovery cycle. 8/21/2020.
Wow big jump in ability to read and comprehend. Right collarbone inflammed in mid shaft. Had vibration sense at rear heels. Had an anxiety jump. Head pain next to nose on right side (peroistitis).
Five days into rest and finally starting to feel rested. Lungs feel about 90%. Hands and feet have localized fatigue and post apoptosis tightness so they're moving along. Mental energy way up, feel about 80%. Abdominal tenderness about 50% improved.
One interesting thing is the new rapid apoptosis supplements seem to have slowed my liver detoxification so that I am overdosing on plaquenil. Had to half the dose because of nausea side effect.

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