From My Commonplace Book - 45

Four Short Poems by Four Poets


Ever since you touched my wrist, the world is a room full
of apples.

- Kate Angus

Two Men in a Bathroom

When the son must
shave the father
since the old man's hand
began to shake too much
to draw the straight razor
smoothly through the lather
on his cancerous jaw

his hand trembles too.
Oh! they both cry out.

- Ruth Holzer


Near dawn
in a strange part of town

I lock myself out of my car.
Through the window I see

my keys in the ignition,
my phone on the seat,

and, on the floor,
a note from a woman:

What has happened?
I feel a terrible distance between us.

- Andrew Merton

The Last Joyful Mystery

I'm brushing the windshield clear
of rare Tennessee snow. A neighbor
trudges toward me, a basket on his arm.
I hope he's bringing something
Southern and homemade biscuits,
cornbread, Christmas jam.
Perhaps a hand to clean
the car. He asks me,
Would you like a rosary?

- Mary Anne Reese

The poems are from Bigger Than They Appear: Anthology of Very Short Poems, edited by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer, newly released by Accents Publishing.


Wonderful poems. And perfect for my short attention span. Thanks for sharing.
How lovely to see your poems again Merry - definite inspiration for my feeble attempts at limericking on another thread reading these beautifully written very shorts.
Hi, Enid! Does my heart good to hear from you. Thank you. And now I know to look for your limericks. Merry

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