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from "Findings", Harper's Magazine, March 2011

Luc Montagnier, corecipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering HIV, claimed to have teleported DNA. Montagnier described an experiment wherein DNA's faint electromagnetic signature made an "imprint" in the water of one test tube and was then conveyed to the water in another test tube, where the ghost DNA was enzymatically reconstituted. Some scientists objected that the water's memory would last mere picoseconds, and others said that the "empty" tube was contaminated.


Merry - seems like empty is not so empty for Nobel Prize winners - they get there (nature abhors a vacuum - not abhors it is nature). Not too familiar with teleporting though and all the current claims of "contamination" - the best as always getting us all to the truth despite detractors.
A new request to length to 10 characters at least only to edit - so addition - hope your spring garden blooms.
Greetings, Enid.

Your message (the second one) that Phoenix Rising sent to my email address is rather different from the above. You remarked that President and Mrs. Obama are in England? And above you mean you got a message that your message has to be at least 10 characters long?

Well, thank you for all your thoughts and messages.

This afternoon I've been weighing the pros and cons of getting myself teleported. I'd rather not, however, end up in a test tube.

Oh, to be in England! Zap, there I am suddenly in your garden. Surprise, Enid!

Here a purple iris is blooming. Siberian? Tall, slender, delicate. Also a pink peony is just beginning to bloom. Also chives.
I was a little confused by a new pop up window when I was trying to edit Merry, but glad you received my one about Obamas visit going down very well here - which it would of course.Delighted to hear about your flowers - the yearly "Chelsea Flower Show" is on (on tele for me now) - delightful how the designers bring together their plants - nothing so creative in our "patch". Water's memory - does it have a "memory" other than something more molecular or "electromagnetism" - not quite sure I understand all this but sure the transmission will be resolved without the need for teleportation (like Dr Spock !).

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