From My Commonplace Book - 13

White Towels

by Richard Jones

I have been studying the difference
between solitude and loneliness,
telling the story of my life
to the clean white towels taken warm from the dryer
as though they were my children
asleep in my arms.

This poem by Richard Jones (American, born 1953) I found in an anthology called Solitude: Poems, edited Carmela Ciuraru.


That is so lovely ... I'm weeping (!) Not sure why ... just beautiful and touching! Thanks. (I may look for that anthology-- are there other good poems in it? Well, of course there are ... I think I've been alone too much today! a bit of loneliness with my solitude, I guess....)
Emmanuelle -

The anthology Solitude includes poems by Emily Dickinson, John Clare, William Blake, Walt Whitman, Queen Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare, Robert Louis Stevenson, etc. Only a few contemporary poets.
And I much enjoy Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson on my shelves too.

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