From fibromyalgia flare to a bit of midnight boxcar building

Am unsure what exactly made the change, but late last night I went from from having a fibromyalgia flare to being able to do a bit of midnight boxcar building on a 1950s, 1960s, HO scale kit a friend gave me some time ago.

It is of a rather different size than the little G scale locomotive, and of course, a G scale boxcar.

As to what made the improvement in my body, I don't know.

Unless it was the eggnog flavor Walmart brand ice cream I got a couple days ago.
I had some of that yesterday evening.
Comfort food.
Yes, I know, I'm lactose intolerant.
But it sounded sooooooo gooooooood.
And I've not had ice cream for aaaaaaages!
Indeed it is good.
And quite nutmeggy too.

(who knows, it really could have been the ice cream, there have been a few not exactly expected, even apparently irrational, causes and effects in my life and health, sprinkled in amongst the perfectly rational cause and effect relationships)

Oh, and a bit about the real locomotives built by Mack Trucks can be found here,–-the-locomotives/

IMG_904440.jpg IMG_909340.jpg IMG_909540.jpg IMG_909640.jpg


I don 't know, but I get a similar thing. Sometimes I can feel unwell most of the day and early evening....then start to feel okay the later it gets !

I have heard it suggested that might be related to cortisol being a bit wacky. But I am not sure, as I did a cortisol morning urine test and it was normal (what it should have been for the morning) But I didn't do a 24-hour one.

But some of us with ME/CFS do get unusual things happening with the circadian rhythm.
But some of us with ME/CFS do get unusual things happening with the circadian rhythm.
Have had oddities with that rhythm since childhood half a century ago.
That could continue for the next half century or it could change without notice.
Time will tell.

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