Friends Without Benefits


Beautiful artwork and writing. Awful situation. If only a single one of these bureaucrats were to have life as they've always known it come crashing down around them. XO
Thank you so much @Hedgehog, @Trishrhymes, and @ahmo. The artwork was a bit of an experiment when I drew myself throughout the day as I imagined I looked. Ahmo- much as I loath this whole process I couldn't wish this process on any other human, even if they were a burocrat!
sorry you have to go through this. If it's any consolation the hearing will be much fairer, and may be the first time your claim will be judged by people with any competence whatsoever.

It's a bit late now, but i found it far easier to fill the form in on the computer, then it can be amended without all the faffing around. Repeatedly, reliably and safely are the magic words to be repeated and stressed.

Wishing you luck and as little stress and worry as possible.

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