Freddd's B-12 Protocol

I am getting ready to start this in about 1 week.

I take no medications. I take OTC allergy pills. I plan to start natural thyroid soon. For the past weeks, I have only used a liquid multivitamin and rarely vitamins/supplements for migraine. The liquid multivitamin makes me tired. This could be due to having folic acid. I will stop using it soon.

I am worried about the protocol interrupting my sleep. With other treatments that was a problem. After 2-4 nights of worse sleep, I discontinue the treatment because I go crazy with worse than normal sleep. I can resume taking GABA, L-Theanine, and other supplements in small doses to help me sleep, but they are not always effective.

I purchased:
1. Jarrow Formulas 5mg Methyl B12
2. Enzymatic Therapy 1mg B12 infusion
3. Source Naturals Dibencozide 10mg
4. Pure Encapsulations B-complex plus with Metafolin
5. Potassium, no brand specified - I chose low-cost TwinLab Potassium Citrate with Potassium Aspartate, 99mg
6. D3, no brand specified - I chose Thorne Research
7. Vitamin C, bought as ascorbic acid powder to be more bioavailable. I know there is debate about using the powder. I tried to weigh the options. I only want to take 1500 mg/day and reduce to 1000 mg/day.

I already have:
1. Fish oil, 1000mg (no brand specified - mine is Spectrum brand. I like that they use wild caught small fish. I need to order more days before I run out. This brand has little vitamin A and D listed on the label.) I doubt I would buy the same brand next time.
2. Magnesium with chelated Zinc. Cheap brand from Walmart. It is 400mg magnesium oxide + 15 mg zinc glutonate.

I hope I do not need the SAM-e, TMG, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and D-Ribose. In the past with SAM-e, I would quickly get into an "overdose" state with uncomfortable side effects, even taking a low dose. I am sensitive to chemicals, medications, supplements, herbs and need to be careful. I always liked D-Ribose but the positive effect was small and the cost was high.

I may add L-carnitine fumarate, as I read the primary source of carnitine is red meat, and I don't get enough of that consistently.

My diet is good and improving. It should naturally give me enough zinc, calcium, choline (lecithin byproduct), selenium, and chromium, vitamin E. I don't want to supplement Vit A based on and the fact that it lowers Vit D. My diet meets the RDA of 2333 IU for women (3000 IU for men) for Vit A.

I know I have low D3 and I respond to taking D3 supplements. If I was not doing the protocol, I would take the fish oil and D3 anyway. I will take more than Freddd's recommended amount. 8000 IU a day and reduce to 6000 IU after about 8 weeks if I was consistent with it.

I am working on getting enough ounces of water per day. This would be more important when taking so many supplements.

I hope that keeping a public journal will keep me on track. My past history shows I forget and stop taking supplements. Kick me if I get off track!


You might want to get a better quality magnesium that is not paired with zinc. I find zinc difficult to take very often but need magnesium everyday. Alta brand magnesium chloride is good. I would recommend the L-carnitine fumarate as something to try as well.
Thanks for your suggestions.

I keep looking for a slow release magnesium that is affordable. The only inexpensive one has bad additives. I will probably buy a regular magnesium citrate.

The protocol says 50 mg Zinc. I would get the RDA amount (15 mg) from my food, but not more. I may need to buy a Zinc supplement...?
I think it's good to have a zinc supplement. I've found it causes stomach trouble if i take it very often so I haven't been too good about staying on zinc. I hope you can find a good one. If your stomach starts to hurt though, suspect the zinc as a culprit.
Just realized I did not buy the Solgar Metafolin 800mcg. The B Complex I bought contains 400mcg of Metafolin. I may need more.
I am still planning to start this, but I wanted to try some B2 supplementation first. I also just started natural thyroid (see other blog). The B2 may or may not be helping. I am taking 25mg three times a day. I don't notice any side effects from the B2.

I also started the fish oil, D3, vit C, and magnesium. The new magnesium citrate, not the low quality one I had. I'm not taking much. Once when I took B2 without magnesium, it seemed to give me bad effects. However, it may have been something I ate instead of the B2. In the past, I took B2 once a day for many months. For the past month I have only taken it a couple times a week.

I don't plan to take a zinc supplement, based on what Dog Person says. I probably need to get a calcium supplement.

I will start the potassium tomorrow. Interestingly, I just realized, I feel drawn to eat potassium-containing foods in the last 2 days.

I am really interested in detox/cleansing/antibacterial/parasite herbs too. I don't know if it's better to work on those first or second.

I am afraid I won't tolerate the methyl B12 or B-Complex (or adenosyl).
I highly recommend getting TMG. Unless you eat a lot of foods containing it already. Look at the biochemistry here:

See that path labelled BHMT? That is the quickest path to get rid of homocysteine, which is a neurotoxin. Even if your homocysteine measures normal at the start of the day, it may seriously elevate after meals and take all night to clear...but the TMG will prevent that. It is like the stop cock that prevents a homocysteine backlog. So y want to stimulate the B12+folate path, but you should not ignore the TMG path. I personally would never take SAMe because it is only 1 step away from homocysteine and if you aren't draining that well u can make it worse. P5P drains it too but that is slower (it takes two enzyme changes to eliminate along that path and also takes two enzyme changes to recycle along the mB12+mfolate path, so the TMG path is important!).

People who eat the most TMG dietarily get 2g/day. So to make up for a not sufficiently healthy diet one coul dconsider up to 2g/day - I take 1-2 g/day. I have proven I need it to maintain a normal homocysteine. u can test this - the blood test runs $60.

I take cal-mag in a 1:1 ratio. I would never take magnesium alone. u r supposed to maintain cal and mag in a ratio. So well I take Soloray cal:mag citrate 1:1 I have in the past taken cal mag supplements in a 2:1 ratio. What ratio u need depends on u. I think if u r younger maybe 2:1 is good but as you get older u may need 1:1. I agree with the other poster - I do not want ANYTHING ELSE in my cal:mag pills because then I can take as much as I need w/o stomach upset or o/d on the other substances. I have the VDR genetic defect so I can never get too much calcium myself.

I would not take ascorbic acid at those levels. Take mineral ascorbates. Mineral ascorbates are alkaline. ascorbic acid id acidic. Also, newsflash!, ascorbic acid is mis-named -- it shouldnot be called a vitamin as it is NOT what the body actually uses. It will rob calcium from your bones to make mineral ascorbates. I use this product:

Best wishes.

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