Food Allergy last thing I would ever thought

So the last thing that I ever thought about was having food allergies. The only clue was I felt better when I didn't eat and something I thought was IBS, when I went last to Dr My TH17 was high which I thoguht to be associated with allergies and a lot of inflammation. Also I would eat some stuff then get loose bowels and other times I didn't (will be clear bellow why)

At this point I have nothing to loose and I am shooting and swing it. So I took it upon myself to go get tested for food allergies.
So I am allergic to Chocolate, almonds (most Nuts), Tomato, Garlic, Beef, corn, gluten products, rice.........

So why it was so tricky was the GARLIC and tomato!!!! So depending how things were season or what I eat it with I had issues. Since I started diet eliminating the long list, I have crashed!!! I think because I cannot use food as instant energy source. I feel better in the stomach, not loose bowels (except with tea and Pistachios which were not in the test).

Dr is looking into mast cells.

Just another peace of the puzzle or another deterioration, CFS progression???

I have been very low on energy and muscle fatigue, work has become almost impossible, thinking about disability :( . Some Dark times here.


Are you talking about IgE or IgG?
IgE = accute allergy so i guess you mean IgG, the delayed type.
Food isn't an energy source for me either, it rather depletes me of energy.
I have no idea, they did pricks on back. No idea how they relate to IgE and IgG
Hi Inester7. I have recently found out I have food allergies after blood testing. I had the tests a month or so ago, then before I had the results back I started a grain free, fructose free elimination diet. Part way through this I got the results for the allergy testing (oats, soy, dairy, yeast, avocado etc). So I then cut out any of these I was still eating.

Like you, I have been feeling much worse and have had a relapse. In my case it might be detox, it might be a reduction in overall carbs or kilo joules or it might be related to a virus I caught recently. I have increased Vit C and B supplements and am visiting a dietician this week to check that my nutrition is adequate. I am sticking with the elimination diet for now. A friend who is a naturopath says it is the way forward to treat my IBS symptoms (started with CFS/ME).
Hope things improve for you.
I have been much better, not sure if it is the detox been done or due to the b12 injections (+b6 and other stuff in it) thye call it a booster shoot (energy) and is working very well for now.
Sorry to hear about your allergies, is very hard to relearn to eat!!! But is doable, I am still going so hang in there and good luck.
I think the food allergies or intollerences are something which happens as this illness progresses. I know I didnt originally have food issues that i have now.

best luck with it all
ps Im yet to be allergy tested but hopefully can have that done soon. (I worked out my food intollerences by the symptoms and very close observation of what I'd eatten).

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